State of Missouri Archives: on Free Trade

Lucas Kunce: Reliance on Chinese manufacturing is dangerous

America is completely dependent on Chinese manufacturing for everything, essential things like medicine, electronics, and military components. The scope of what we are currently incapable of doing is astonishing. According to recent congressional hearings on the impact of tariffs, among other things, we cannot print our own Bibles, manufacture rifle scopes, or even make the special ink to print U.S. dollars without Chinese assistance. It is as embarrassing as it is dangerous.
Source: The American Prospect on 2022 Missouri Senate race Dec 9, 2020

Lucas Kunce: Transfer costs of offshoring to China to corporations

Raise the private cost of offshoring or selling out to China to reflect the true cost of the assets being sold or offshored. The goal here is to transfer external costs from our national ledger onto the companies' balance sheets. We could do this by closing loopholes that allow them to convert national risk into private profit or transfer the fruits of national resources like basic research, infrastructure, or education to adversaries like China for private profit.
Source: The American Prospect on 2022 Missouri Senate race Dec 9, 2020

Josh Hawley: Calls for abolishing the World Trade Organization

Citing its role in weakening the American economy while boosting Communist China's, Josh Hawley blasted Utopian globalist visions of a "New World Order" and called for abolishing the World Trade Organization. Writing in an op-ed, Hawley pushed for drastic reforms of the global economic system and a return to economic sovereignty. In place of the existing architecture of global governance, the freshman senator from Missouri urged "free nations" to come together and create new "trade deals."
Source: The New American on 2018 Missouri Senate race May 6, 2020

Mike Parson: Missouri shouldn't rely on other countries & other states

On free trade: "Never again will I be dependent totally on foreign countries or companies outside of the state of Missouri," Parson said. "We've got too many opportunities in this state, too many good people, and next time we're going to be prepared with our own state companies to take care of Missourians and not be dependent on other states and other countries to meet our needs."
Source: Bolivar Herald-Free Press on 2020 Missouri governor race Apr 17, 2020

Mike Parson: Credits Trump for ending Japan restrictions on US beef