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David Ige: Hawai'i 2.0: we must pivot to a digital economy

The pandemic has accelerated economic trends that were already underway. They include the rise in remote work and the demand for digital skills. The pivot to a digital economy will serve as a foundation for our economic resilience. In a digital economy, it doesn't matter where your workstation is located, Hawai?i's workforce can compete globally. I am calling for the creation of a program of action to not just reboot but to upgrade our economy. To create a Hawai?i 2.0, if you will.

I can assure you that broadband will be a priority for the state in the coming years. Part of our task is to make sure that a student in Nanakuli can access an online lesson plan as easily as a student in Kahala--and that, in a digital Hawai?i, everyone's connected. Likewise, with an FCC grant, we will support a telehealth initiative to connect low-income patients with high medical risks to healthcare providers. DHHL will receive at least $30 million in federal funds to benefit Native Hawaiians

Source: 2021 State of the State Address to the Hawaii legislature Jan 25, 2021

David Ige: State was unprepared for accidental emergency alert

Hanabusa attempted to make the race about leadership, by focusing on lapses such as the Jan. 13 missile alert that caused a public panic, and the 38-minute delay by the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency in notifying the public that it was a false alarm.

From the start of his administration, Ige's critics tried to portray him as indecisive and ineffective. When HI-EMA took 38 minutes to officially cancel the false alarm, that played into the political narrative of Ige's opponents.

Ige admitted the state was unprepared for the accidental alert, but said steps were taken to make sure it would never happen again. The worker who triggered the alarm was terminated while two others resigned, and Ige said his administration was "open and transparent" about the inquiry into the false alarm. Later in the election season, Ige clearly benefited from the state's handling of flooding on Kauai and the Kilauea volcanic eruption in Puna.

Source: Honolulu Star-Advertiser on 2018 Hawaii gubernatorial race Aug 12, 2018

Ron Curtis: Personal background in managing evolving technologies

I am an agent of change. I worked for over 35 years for federal government contractors as a systems engineer in a wide variety of roles across multiple disciplines. All my roles involved managing change and innovation, especially with new and evolving technologies, to deliver or improve efficiency and effectiveness on government contracts while significantly eliminating or preventing waste.
Source: 2018 Hawaii Senate campaign website Aug 8, 2018

John Carroll: Take the Oahu rail project to task, and maybe to jail

Carroll said he immediately intends to take the Oahu rail project and everyone behind it to task.

"If I'm governor, I'm going to stop the construction of the rail and ask for a forensic audit from the federal government so we know where every dime came from, where it went to, and what we got for it," he said. "And if people have to go to jail based on what we find, then so be it."

Source: West Hawaii Today on 2018 Hawaii gubernatorial race Apr 14, 2018

Brian Schatz: Address transportation and coastal infrastructure priorities

Q: What are your top two goals and how will you achieve them?

SCHATZ: My top two goals are to identify and then address Hawaii's transportation, housing, communications, and coastal infrastructure priorities. I believe that Hawaii will require additional funding and resources to address the current and future needs of our growing population, and as a member of the Appropriations and Commerce Committees, here are some of my infrastructure priorities that will help address these issues:

Source: League of Women Voters: 2016 Hawaii Senate Race Sep 19, 2016

David Ige: Broadband capacity integral to economic growth

For those who haven't noticed, innovation, fuelled by technology, is driving the global economy at breakneck speed. We simply must create an economic environment that enables Hawaii's entrepreneurs to turn ideas into products and services so that we can compete in today's global economy. And we know that deploying a strong broadband capacity is critical to that kind of environment.
Source: 2016 State of the State speech to Hawaii legislature Jan 25, 2016

Mark Takai: Rebuild transportation and communications infrastructure

I want America to begin rebuilding our transportation and communications infrastructure, which will make us safer, more modern and will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. I believe our schools need to be rebuilt nationally so that our children can attend state of the art learning facilities, while we create new jobs.
Source: 2014 Hawaii House campaign website, Nov 4, 2014

David Ige: Pioneered "paperless Legislature" & government transparency

Q: Hawaii's public records law mandates that public records be made available whenever possible. Yet many citizens are unable to afford the costs that state and local government agencies impose. Would you support eliminating search and redaction charges and making records free to the public except for basic copying costs?

A: Yes. We need to limit charges to basic copying costs. I pioneered the use of technology in state government to help transparency: the paperless Legislature that increases information access and eases the burden of submitting testimony; and creation of the Capitol Public Access Room that provides assistance to individuals participating in the legislative process.

Source: Honolulu Civil Beat Q&A on 2014 Hawaii gubernatorial race Jul 11, 2014

Neil Abercrombie: TMT: build $1.3B Thirty-Meter Telescope atop Mauna Kea

Mauna Kea is Hawaii's gift to the world--the best place on the planet to observe the universe. It is without peer. It provides an unparalleled opportunity to advance our knowledge of our universe. Today, we celebrate 50 years of astronomy in Hawaii with 13 observatories from 11 countries and over a billion dollars in infrastructure atop Mauna Kea. One project will solidify Hawaii's position as the world's premier astronomy center--the $1.3 billion Thirty-Meter Telescope (TMT). The TMT will be the catalyst for the development of high tech and high paying jobs. TMT is partnering with the Institute for Astronomy's Akamai Workforce Initiative to train local college students for technical fields. The initiative promotes STEM initiatives relating to local robotics and science programs. TMT is also investing $1 million every year in education so our keiki can reach for the stars. Our state must support and ensure that this tremendous opportunity comes to fruition.
Source: 2014 State of the State Address to Hawaii legislature Jan 21, 2014

Charles Djou: Consistently opposes Honolulu rail project

Honolulu's proposed rail project is the largest public works venture in Hawaii history, financed by the largest tax increase our state has ever seen. Per capita, even before any cost overruns, the Honolulu rail system will be the most expensive rail project in American history. These facts alone should give anyone who cares about fiscal responsibility pause.

While I support mass transit, and projects such as an elevated HOT lane, I have consistently opposed this rail project. The Honolulu rail system will consume all of our community's limited resources at the expense of other critical infrastructure needs like our water and sewer systems. Worse yet, it won't work. The system's own proponents admit that even after they spend over $5 billion of your money, rail will likely only reduce traffic congestion by less than 2%. Even worse, rail is being transformed from a public works project into a private benefit club, paid for by the taxpayers.

Source: 2014 Hawaii gubernatorial campaign website, Dec 20, 2013

Brian Schatz: Complete improvements at Honolulu Airport and Nimitz Highway

    The Lieutenant Governor worked with the Department of Transportation to ensure the completion of infrastructure improvements. The projects at the Honolulu Airport include:
  1. The 'Ewa Pedestrian Breezeway Restoration and themes;
  2. International Arrivals Gates 24 & 25 repair work;
  3. International Arrivals Canopies replacement; and
  4. Planter and curb repair.
On Nimitz Highway, over 200 palms and 2 acres of grass were planted along the median. Major improvements were also made along Nimitz Highway and Ala Moana Boulevard including pavement resurfacing, relocation of electrical and telephone wires underground and removal of all wiring support poles. All of these improvements were much needed and provide long term benefit for residents and visitors beyond APEC.
Source: Lt. Gov. official website, Dec 27, 2012

Mazie Hirono: $6 million for new security screening at Hawaii airports

Hirono touted her efforts to land $6 million for Hawaii airports. She says the money may be used for three new security screening machines at Kahului Airport. "Our airports need to be maintained they need to be modernized, that's part of our tourism economy. In a bipartisan way I pushed for an amendment to the FAA bill that will bring $6 million more to Hawaii's airports," said Hirono.
Source: Hawaii News Now coverage of 2012 Hawaii Senate debate May 30, 2012

Duke Aiona: No state funding for any stem cell research

Q: Do you support state funding for stem cell research?

A: No.

Q: Do you support state funding for embryonic stem cell research?

A: No.

Source: Hawaii Gubernatorial Election 2010 Political Courage Test Nov 1, 2010

Benjamin Cayetano: $21M for computers in public schools

In addition, I propose spending $21 million to buy 18,000 new computers for our public schools. This will bring down the ratio of students to computers from 6:1 to 4:1.

Hawaii’s children must learn to use this technology because it will open doors of learning and knowledge ordinarily not available to them. It will help teach them the skills of critical thinking. It will allow them to learn from student counterparts around the world.

Source: 2001 State of the State address to Hawaii Legislature Jan 22, 2001

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