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Amanda Swafford: Politicians use tax code to for social engineering

As a former tax professional in two different states, Amanda understands the punitive nature of our current tax laws and how politicians on every level use the current tax code to meet their specific goals and the social engineering projects they deem worthy. With every new rule, regulation and tax, the power and responsibility of the individual to contribute to the local and regional economy is diminished. Every dollar taken out for income taxes on an individual is a dollar that cannot be used to buy goods and services. We must restore the power and responsibility of the individual to invest in our economy in the ways they deem best for them. How do we do this?
Source: 2014 Georgia Senate campaign website, Sep 30, 2014

Casey Cagle: Businesses and families flourish when tax burden is low

Businesses and families flourish when government provides only what our citizens truly need, keeping our tax burden low. Georgia ranks as one of the lowest taxing states in the country, but we must continue to fight to keep taxes low.

In recent years, the State Senate, under Casey Cagle's leadership, has passed groundbreaking legislation to lower our overall tax burden, eliminate the marriage penalty, and scrap the death tax. At the local level, numerous steps have been taken to require local governments to fairly assess property so that homeowners are not treated unfairly.

However, there is more work to be done. Lt. Governor Cagle has pledged to continue the fight for fairer, simpler taxes, and will fight for broad reform of Georgia's tax laws in the future.

Source: 2018 Georgia gubernatorial campaign website May 2, 2017

Casey Cagle: Slash $100 million in taxes, without cutting core services

Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle launched his campaign for governor with a pledge to slash $100 million in taxes in his opening months. He would pursue his tax cut in his first legislative session as governor by increasing the amount that Georgians can deduct from their income tax returns. His proposal would call for the first $12,000 of taxable income for a family of four to be tax-exempt and an increase in standard deductions as well.

On cutting taxes without cutting core services, Cagle said, "I will be a governor that will make certain that government is more efficient and effective and responsible to the citizens. We will save more money for the state, and we'll be able to return more to the taxpayers and make the strategic investments."

Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution on 2018 Georgia governor race Apr 29, 2017

David Perdue: Cut spending AND increase revenue

In a conversation with the Macon Telegraph's editorial board, the multi-millionaire businessman did not offer the categorical refusal to raise taxes that is now customary among Republican candidates. "Is it better to try to get out of the ditch by curbing the growth of spending or increasing revenue?" an editorial board member asked.

"Both," Perdue replied emphatically.

"And that's a euphemism for some kind of tax increase?" the interviewer noted.

Perdue laughed and explained, "Well here's the reality: If you go into a business--I was never able to turn around a company just by cutting spending. You had to figure out a way to get revenue growing. There are five people in the US Senate who understand what I just said. You know revenue is not something they think about."

Perdue's spokesman claimed Perdue was only broadly talking about growing the economy. "David was stating a simple economic principle: If the economy is growing and more people were working, it generates more revenue."

Source: e-zine on 2014 Georgia Senate race May 14, 2014

David Perdue: Trump tax cuts having a positive impact across the country

Q: Support administration's $1.9 trillion (2017) tax cuts?

Perdue: Yes. "The tax cuts passed by the U.S. Senate are already having a positive impact across the country."

Ossoff: No. "We borrow trillions to cut taxes for the wealthy & powerful."

Source: CampusElect on 2020 Georgia Senate race Nov 3, 2020

Drew Ferguson: I support a flat tax--all have skin in the game

Implementing a Flat Tax: I support a flat tax for several reasons. Many of the tax proposals floating around in Republican circles are variations on the FAIR Tax which is, essentially, a value-added or "VAT" tax. This would be well and good if we did not live in a global economy but we do. By taxing goods at every level from wages to raw materials to marketing to transportation, we would quickly price American goods out of the reach of the world marketplace.

A flat tax is fair--because everyone pays the same rate. It does not punish hard work nor does it reward dependence on taxpayer largess. It is simple. It would allow for the elimination of loopholes and deductions that keep lawyers and government bureaucrats and the IRS from skimming off our national productivity.

I believe it is important for all Americans to have skin in the game. There is no economic incentive to work hard if we make it possible for people to simply vote to take money from others for themselves.

Source: 2016 Georgia House campaign website Nov 8, 2016

Hunter Hill: Eliminate state income tax

As Governor, I will lead on eliminating the state income tax. If Tennessee, Florida, and Texas can eliminate the income tax, then so can Georgia. Eliminating the state income tax will drive our economy to create more jobs, attract more businesses, and leave more money in families' pockets. Politicians in Georgia have been talking about doing this for 15 years! We will get it done.
Source: 2018 Georgia Gubernatorial website Sep 1, 2017

Jason Carter: Discuss regional sales tax to deal with local issues

Carter said it was time to revive the idea of a regional sales tax for infrastructure improvements to fix a transportation dilemma he said is weighing down Georgia's economy like an "anchor." He said one option would be allowing counties to band together to levy their own tax. "There has to be some way that we're going to sit down and have a robust discussion about how to fund it."
Source: Atlanta Journal-Const. on 2019-20 Georgia 2-year Senate race Aug 19, 2014

Jason Carter: Step up investment in pursuing tax cheats

He pledged to go after tax cheats to help rev up state revenue. "There's $2.5 billion that is uncollected out there from people who are cheating on their taxes, and against whom we aren't enforcing the law," the Atlanta state senator said. "That's $2.5 billion dollars of money that's gone uncollected by our state government for years now." Carter said state government should step up its investment in pursuing tax cheats and rooting out wasteful spending.
Source: Atlanta Journal-Const. on 2019-20 Georgia 2-year Senate race Aug 28, 2014

Jon Ossoff: Reduce tax burden on small businesses & simplify tax filing

Jon is a small business owner, executive, and entrepreneur. He knows what it means to grow a company, meet a payroll, and balance budgets. Jon will stand up in Congress for a dynamic, forward-looking, fiscally responsible economic policy that maximizes opportunity for entrepreneurs, workers, and investors.

Jon will work to level the playing field for small businesses so they can grow and create jobs that will empower Georgians to strive, save, send our kids to college affordably, and retire comfortably.

Jon will work in Congress to reduce the tax burden on small businesses and simplify small business tax filing. He will work to repeal wasteful, anti-competitive special interest subsidies that make it hard for entrepreneurs to raise capital, enter the market, create jobs, and compete with larger firms who have lobbyists in Washington.

Source: 2017 Georgia House campaign website, Apr 21, 2017

Jon Ossoff: Lower taxes for all but the wealthiest Americans

Rather than relying on subsidies for Wall Street as economic stimulus and hoping the benefits trickle down, I'll support policies that help Georgia's families make and save more money: fast and generous direct emergency relief during economic crises, lower taxes for all but the wealthiest Americans, debt-free public college, free vocational training, and health care guaranteed at an affordable price.
Source: 2020 Georgia Senate campaign website Jul 2, 2020

Jon Ossoff: We borrow trillions to cut taxes for the wealthy

Q: Support administration's $1.9 trillion (2017) tax cuts?

Ossoff: No. "We borrow trillions to cut taxes for the wealthy & powerful."

Perdue: Yes. "The tax cuts passed by the U.S. Senate are already having a positive impact across the country."

Source: CampusElect on 2020 Georgia Senate race Nov 3, 2020

Jon Ossoff: Doesn't support increase in income tax rates

He said he would not support any tax increases, even on the wealthy. "I don't support any increase in income tax rates," he said.
Source: Fox News on 2020 Georgia Senate race Nov 4, 2020

Josh Lanier: Opposes $1 trillion tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans

LANIER: [to Vernon Jones]: You said you voted for George Bush in 2000 and again in 2004. I just want to ask you what it is you liked about George Bush. Was it the $1 trillion tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans or the $400 million a day in Iraq?

JONES: We needed to find the terrorists no matter where they were. Most people felt like we should keep George Bush as president because we were in the middle of a war. We needed to maintain that consistency.

Source: Georgia 2008 Democratic Senate Primary Debate Jun 30, 2008

Latham Saddler: Infrastructure proposal a tax hike, corporations will leave

Q: On the proposed infrastructure measure:

A: If it was solely an infrastructure package, then I think many Americans would want to give it a serious look. But from what I've read, only a fourth of it is going into traditional infrastructure. It's a hike in taxes at a time when some of these corporations can just jump ship and move overseas.

Source: The Atlanta Journal-Constitution on 2022 Georgia Senate race Apr 15, 2021

Shane Hazel: Taxation is theft

On taxation: Hazel believes what's yours belongs to you and that's it #TaxationIsTheft.

On economy: Nonessential? Hell no. You have a right to work. You and your family will always be essential. #EndTheFed Return to Austrian Economics based on liberty & savings.

Source: 2020 Georgia Senate campaign website Oct 27, 2020

Stacey Abrams: Ask everyone to do their fair share

Families deserve a government committed to creating vibrant economy, promoting rural recovery and helping small businesses thrive. Democrats understand that citizens expect more of their government than simply taxes and regulation. We want government that works for and with the people. We expect a government that asks everyone to do his or her fair share and to play by the rules. We demand a government that understands its business--to spend our tax dollars wisely.

I support legislation that promotes shared responsibility: legislation that fixes government so it works for everyone, promotes democracy and civil engagement, and protects taxpayer's investments. We must reject attempts to limit success to the privileged few and to restrict personal liberty.

This balance--fostering a broad range of opportunity while fighting government infringement on our freedoms--this balance is the objective of the Georgia House Democratic Caucus.

Source: 2018 Georgia governor campaign website May 2, 2017

Stacey Abrams: Keep graduated income tax instead of 5.4% flat tax

HB 329: Would eliminate Georgia's graduated income tax structure and replace it with a 5.4 percent flat tax, regardless of income. Also proposes a modest Earned Income Tax Credit for working families, equal to 10 percent of the federal tax credit.

MY VOTE: NO. While this plan will close important loopholes that penalize low-income married couples, in its current form, the legislation increases taxes on single low-income taxpayers.

Source: 2018 Georgia governor campaign website Mar 30, 2017

Tony Evers: Incentivize in-state pharmaceutical, medical equipment

I was proud to work alongside both legislative chambers to support the passage of a PPE tax credit to incentivize in-state production and ensure that we aren't forced to rely on anyone but our own Georgia Made entrepreneurs for critical supplies. I am proposing a natural next step to the PPE Tax Credit by expanding the letter of the law to cover pharmaceutical and medical equipment manufacturers. We cannot waste time in bidding wars with other states or foreign adversaries.
Source: 2021 State of the State Address to Georgia legislature Jan 14, 2021

Vernon Jones: Permanent repeal of the federal estate tax

Q: Do you support the permanent repeal of the federal estate tax?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you support requiring the federal budget to be balanced each year?

A: Yes.

Source: Georgia Congressional Election 2008 Political Courage Test Jul 2, 2008

Vernon Jones: 2007: Backed a flat tax proposal as "fair tax"

In 2007, he said he backed the idea of a "fair tax," which is a flat tax proposal that has some support in conservative and libertarian circles.
Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution on 2022 Georgia Governor race Aug 23, 2020

Zell Miller: Tax cuts of $334M in 1999

This budget reflects $334 million in tax cuts: $129 million from removing the final cent of state sales tax from groceries, and $205 million from the income tax cut proposed by the Democratic leadership. This tax cut will touch every Georgia citizen who is represented on a personal income tax form -- an estimated 5.2 million people. This is a 15 percent income tax cut.
Source: FY 1999 Budget Address, Georgia Jan 13, 1998

Brian Kemp: $1 billion tax cut from the state's budget surplus

If reelected, Kemp plans to use nearly $1 billion from the state's budget surplus to issue $250 for single filers, $375 for a single filer who is head of household and $500 for a married couple filing jointly in Georgia.

Kemp has touted his leadership landing Georgia a top state for business for eight years and a record low unemployment rate of 2.8% as of July.

Part of [Democratic opponent Stacey] Abrams' economic plan includes leading efforts for a constitutional amendment to bring casinos to Georgia and legislation allowing online sports betting, with some proceeds possibly used to fund education initiatives. Much of her plan focuses on increasing wages, small businesses and rural workforce.

In 2019, Kemp launched Georgia's Rural Strike Team to help market and train rural communities seeking businesses.

Source: The Hill on 2022 Georgia Gubernatorial race Oct 8, 2022

Raphael Warnock: Oppose tax breaks that benefit the wealthiest Americans

[GOP opponent Herschel] Walker has not presented any specifics on his plans for addressing the economy, but said if elected, he plans to fight for lower taxes, fewer government regulations and more free-market capitalism.

Warnock has vowed to oppose tax breaks that benefit the wealthiest Americans and has advocated for middle and lower class tax breaks.

Source: The Hill on 2022 Georgia Senate race Oct 8, 2022

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