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Bob McDonnell: Make Wallops Island the top commercial Spaceport in America

The further development of Wallops Island Spaceport will continue to attract highly-skilled and high-paying jobs to the Eastern Shore, and in other locations around the state. In addition, it will generate millions of dollars in revenue for the region and state. Creating the top commercial spaceport in the country will also increase tourism to Virginia and boost the hospitality industry--a major economic driver in Virginia.
Source: 2009 VA Gubernatorial campaign site, Nov 3, 2009

Frank Wagner: Fight for funds necessary for transportation system

Transportation is a big component for growing and diversifying Virginia's economy. Only Frank Wagner has been fighting for the transportation funds necessary to build a transportation system that reduces today's congestion and is flexible enough to be utilized by new transportation technologies of the future. A priority for Frank is constructing Interstate 73 and the Coal Fields Expressway in order to create more jobs in Southside and Southwest Virginia. Different regions have different needs.
Source: 2017 VA Gubernatorial campaign website Jan 17, 2017

Jim Gilmore: We should "think new", like Founding Fathers did

The issue before this Assembly is whether we continue to advance or whether, at the first sign of trouble, we back away. I believe we should stay the course of change, even accelerate reform, and use every tool of management, financial or otherwise, to achieve our policies and principles. As our Founding Fathers "thought new" in the 18th century, we must continue to "think new" at the beginning of the 21st century.

Education must be more than an opportunity for the young, but a lifelong quest for all Virginians to acquire new skills and greater knowledge. Transportation must be more than building roads the same out-dated way, but innovating to shorten commutes and improve the safety and efficiency of our system. Technology must be more than hardware and websites, but a real opportunity to break down the walls of bureaucracy and bring a more responsive government closer to the people.

Source: 2001 State of the State Address to VA General Assembly Jan 10, 2001

Lee Carter: Build broadband infrastructure as public works projects

Delivering broadband service to all residential addresses will require drawing on the New Deal for inspiration, directly building the necessary infrastructure as a public works project, and then handing ownership of that infrastructure over to the existing electric cooperatives or creating municipal broadband utilities. Investor-owned telecom companies will never serve everyone, and we must stop waiting for them to do so.
Source: 2021 VA Governor campaign website Aug 5, 2021

Ralph Northam: Transportation bill including investments in mass transit

Virginia drivers know that improvements to our transportation system have been long overdue. Since I was elected to the Senate in 2007, I have worked diligently to help find a sustainable source of revenue to fix our transportation crisis without shortchanging key investments in education, law enforcement, and public health. For years, progress in this area has stalled in the General Assembly, but persistence has finally paid off.

This year I was part of the bi-partisan effort in the Senate to reach a transportation compromise that will put the Commonwealth on a path to address the chronic congestion on our roadways. [We passed] a comprehensive transportation bill that will increase the level of sustainable funding for our roadways, make investments in mass transit options, and direct transportation money to the regions of the state with the highest traffic levels (Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia).

Source: 2016-17 VA gubernatorial campaign website Nov 1, 2013

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