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Marty Jackley: Double headline - Already Done

[Adam Laxalt, first TV ad]: [Laxalt speaking to camera]: I swore into the Navy JAG Corps in 2004. In 2006 I volunteered to go over to Iraq with an army military police Brigade.

[Narrator speaking over photos]: Adam Laxalt returned home to Nevada; started a familyÿwith his wife Jamie and answered the call of service once again as our attorney general.

[photo: Glass door emblazoned with attorney general Adam Paul Laxalt] For the ones who need a champion.

[Caption: Justice for victims photo young woman looking pensive]: Someone in their corner when no one else is.

[Photo man in camo uniform]

[Caption: fighting for our veterans]: That's why Adam laxalt is running for governor.

[Photo Laxalt walking along barbed-wire fence outdoors]

[Caption: Laxalt for governor]: To provide the strong independent leadership we need to keep moving forward.

[Caption: learn more at www.]: Adam Laxalt for Nevada

Source: OnTheIssues AdWatch on 2018 South Dakota Gubernatorial race Mar 20, 2018

Rick Weiland: No U.S. military intervention in Syria

Weiland has distanced himself from Obama on core issues, ranging from possible U.S. military intervention in Syria to the Environmental Protection Agency's recent actions on ethanol.

Weiland has received the backing of Howard Dean's Democracy for America, a national progressive group. His campaign adviser said calling his campaign "progressive" would be inaccurate: "He's running a populist campaign. It's not a conventional progressive campaign at all."

Source: The Hill blog on 2014 South Dakota Senate race Mar 25, 2014

John Thune: Finishing the job means setting up a democracy in Iraq

Q: What is finishing the job in Iraq?

A: It means getting to where we have a democracy set up in Iraq, where we have free elections, where we have an Iraqi army that is trained and prepared to defend itself. General Petras is working on that on a daily basis and the Iraqis are stepping up, they are providing for more of their security, but there’s more that needs to be done. The Americans over there right now need to be the reinforcers, not the enforcers.

Source: 2004 South Dakota Senate Debate on Meet The Press Sep 19, 2004

John Thune: Support sending more American troops to Iraq if necessary

Q: If finishing the job in Iraq means sending more American troops, would you support that?

A: We have to rely on our military leadership. General Abizaid, General Casey, the people who are going to be making those recommendations to the president, if they call for more troops, the president will step forward and we have to support that. It’s important right now for us as a nation to show resolve, to be decisive and to finish the job and win the war on terror.

Source: 2004 South Dakota Senate Debate on Meet The Press Sep 19, 2004

John Thune: Iraq is a part of the broader war on terror

Q: Republican Chuck Hagel said, “The worst thing we can do is hold ourselves hostage to some grand illusion that we’re winning. Right now, we are not winning. Things are getting worse.” Do you agree?

A: I don’t agree with that. Iraq is a part of the broader war on terror. It is a war that we have to win. Obviously the question before the House is: What will we do differently? I don’t think there’s an answer to that question that’s been offered. It’s to create an interim government, move to free elections, ratify a constitution, train an Iraqi army. Those steps are being taken. This is going to be a tough job and nobody said otherwise. We knew going in that this was going to be a tough part of the world that we were going to have to fight, we’re going to have to make sure that we create a democratic system there, that people in Iraq have freedom and we have to finish the job. This is not a time to cut and run, but to show resolve and the international community is responding.

Source: 2004 South Dakota Senate Debate on Meet The Press Sep 19, 2004

John Thune: We have to stay resolute or the terrorists will prevail

Q: Intelligence agencies reported that “the most favorable outcome described is an Iraq whose stability would remain tenuous in political, economic and security terms.” That’s very bleak, and you advise to simply stay the course. Is that the policy of the Republicans?

A: The policy that’s been laid out by Bush is one of, you know, creating an interim government and Prime Minister Allawi is going to be here. He’s going to be meeting with the White House at the UN, and the message he’s going to deliver is that we are making progress. But this is tough work. This is not going to be easy. These are terrorists. These are people who think nothing of butchering and slaughtering their own people. The US, as the leader of the Free World, has to stay strong. We have to stay resolute. We need to finish the job. If we don’t, the terrorists are going to prevail and that spells disaster for the people of the US and for our national security as we move forward from here.

Source: 2004 South Dakota Senate Debate on Meet The Press Sep 19, 2004

Tom Daschle: We can do much better fighting the war in Iraq

It was good that we got rid of Saddam. But the real question is how can we do a better job of fighting this war? We had an intelligence breakdown. As a veteran, I’m all the more sensitive to the tremendous challenges that we face in trying to wage this war. We’ve got to supply the equipment and the support for our troops they’re not getting in some cases today. We’ve got to listen to our military commanders. We’ve got to make sure we involve the international community a lot more than we are right now.
Source: 2004 South Dakota Senate Debate on Meet The Press Sep 19, 2004

Tom Daschle: Would still voted to authorize Bush to go to war

Q: Knowing what you know now, would you have still voted to authorize Bush to go to war?

A: I stand by my vote. We can’t turn back the clock. We’ve got to go from here and look at how we can win this war. We’ve got to provide our troops more equipment. We’ve got to listen to our military commanders. We’ve got to have better intelligence. We’ve got to make sure we involve the international community in burden sharing a lot more than we are. We’re going to do better at this war in the future.

Source: 2004 South Dakota Senate Debate on Meet The Press Sep 19, 2004

Tom Daschle: The war in Iraq is being run the wrong way

Q: Is Iraq the wrong war, in the wrong place, at the wrong time?

A: It’s being run the wrong way. There’s a day doesn’t go by when I don’t think of those thousand who have died and those 7,000 who were wounded. The real issue is how can we do it better How can we make this work? The Bush administration has not provided any aid or any real appreciation for the international coalition that we have to create if we’re going to do this right. We’re not providing the equipment and the support for our troops It’s amazing we’re using sandbags and plywood in our Humvees and we’re doing bake sales for body armor. We’re not getting the military the equipment that they have to have to run this war. If you listen to the military commanders, if you had the international cooperation, if we really supported the troops with body armor and the equipment that they have to have, and if you did those kinds of things, we could be doing a lot better job than we are today.

Source: 2004 South Dakota Senate Debate on Meet The Press Sep 19, 2004

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