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Phil Murphy: New Jerseyans need to know government has their backs

This commitment to transparency and honesty must be a standard we set across the whole of government. Just as we can't go back to economic policies that put the wealthy and the well-connected first, we can't lean on the broken politics that puts special interests first.

I was proud to propose the first comprehensive set of ethics reforms in a decade, with bipartisan support, and I remain committed to them. New Jerseyans need to know -- not just believe -- that their government has their backs.

Source: 2021 State of the State Address to New Jersey legislature Jan 12, 2021

Hirsh Singh: Claims Antifa is "radical, paramilitary arm" of Democrats

"Over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of Americans descended on our nation's capital to call attention to troubling reports of apparent electoral discrepancies and demonstrable voter fraud. Their assembly was entirely peaceful until darkness fell and the radical, paramilitary arm of the Democrat Party, known as Antifa, moved in to attack families, senior citizens, and other vulnerable Americans," Singh said.
Source: 2021 New Jersey Governor campaign website Nov 17, 2020

Rik Mehta: Campaign $300,000+ in debt, entire campaign staff quit

Mehta has just a few thousand dollars in their campaign coffers, but owe a staggering $329,558 to consultants, contractors, campaign workers and himself. To make matters worse, Mehta's entire Senate campaign team just quit on him.
Source: Shore News Network on 2020 New Jersey Senate race Aug 17, 2020

Hirsh Singh: I take absolute pride in being morally consistent

When we vote today, what qualities should we look for in a candidate? I believe that consistent moral integrity always takes precedence. No integrity means no trust. A candidate without integrity can never be trusted to uphold their word, let alone the interests of the voters. I invite you to please examine my history, my stances, my past and present statements under a microscope. You will see that I take absolute pride in being morally consistent, that I always put integrity first.
Source: 2020 New Jersey Senate campaign website Jun 11, 2020

Rik Mehta: We need God, we need prayer, reopen houses of worship

Mehta has called for Governor Murphy to reopen places of worship and allow for the people of New Jersey to join together for a statewide Day of Prayer, Peace and Nonviolence. "With so much tragedy in our midst, we need God, we need prayer; it is imperative that religious leaders in our communities be allowed to resume faith-based services in-person so the people of our state can worship and invoke the power of prayer," said Rik Mehta.
Source: blog on 2020 New Jersey Senate race Jun 3, 2020

Jack Ciattarelli: Don't make New Jersey the California of the East Coast

On values: "Phil Murphy doesn't get it. Maybe it's because he's not from New Jersey. Maybe it's because he doesn't understand New Jersey," Ciattarelli said. "But the bottom line is this: He's not New Jersey." He attacked Murphy's progressive policies would eventually bankrupt the state. "I don't want to be the California of the East Coast," Ciattarelli said.
Source: Bridgewater Courier News on 2021 New Jersey governor race Jan 22, 2020

Stuart Meissner: Lifelong Democrat turned Trump supporter

Meissner had been a lifelong Democrat until 2015. He explained that as a Jew growing up in Brooklyn during the 1960s and 1970s, it was simply the default position. As the 2016 presidential elections approached, he gravitated towards Donald Trump, volunteering for his campaign in September 2015. He liked the president's independence, and felt it was refreshing to hear someone tell Wall Street he doesn't need their money.
Source: Jewish Link NJ e-zine on 2020 New Jersey Senate race Jan 22, 2020

Phil Murphy: Others focus on next election; we focus on next generation

Putting self-interest before the common good, the next-day headline before the long-term work--those were deliberate choices. The easy way out would have been for us to continue pursuing shortcuts that could paper over our problems and make us feel good in the short-term. But, I refuse to let our problems become bigger. Where others have focused only on the next election, we're focused on the next generation.
Source: 2020 New Jersey State of the State address Jan 14, 2020

Stuart Meissner: Time to end the impeachment crusade

Meissner said, "It's time for Congress to end the impeachment crusade against this President and get to work for the American people. Instead of working with the President to obtain critical infrastructure funding for our state, lower prescription drug prices, and relieve the middle-class tax burden, Democrats are intent on antagonizing the White House. They are undermining a duly-elected President & overruling the will of the American people, who should have the opportunity to vote in November 2020."
Source: New Jersey Globe on impeaching Trump Oct 31, 2019

Phil Murphy: Quality of life more important than tax breaks

The bottom line is that being competitive isn't a race to give out the biggest tax breaks. It's about leading the way on education, infrastructure, and diversity and inclusion. Companies want to stay and grow and locate in a state that allows them to flourish and for their workers to prosper in all parts of their lives. That is a vision of true success that can be shared by every family. That is how you build a stronger and fairer New Jersey.
Source: 2019 State of the State address to New Jersey legislature Jan 15, 2019

Robert Menendez: Severely admonished by Senate for political favors

Q: Corruption: Scandals being discussed for both candidates.

Robert Hugin (R): Hugin's company spent $2.8 million lobbying to block cheaper generic alternatives.

Robert Menendez (D): Menendez was charged for allegedly doing political favors for a friend while accepting six-figure campaign contributions & undisclosed gifts like luxury hotel stays. Prosecutor dropped charges after jury hung 10-2 for acquittal & judge said the case didn't hold up. Senate committee then "severely admonished" him.

Source: 2018 Issue Guide on New Jersey Senate race Oct 9, 2018

Robert Menendez: Admonished by Senate Ethics Committee for accepting gifts

Celgene Corp. executive Bob Hugin, who has already put $15.5 million of his own money into the race, spent $6.3 million on ads through June 30, many of them attacking Menendez on ethics.

Menendez was indicted in April 2015 on federal corruption charges. After his first trial ended in a mistrial, a judge acquitted him of several charges and prosecutors declined to retry him on the rest.

The Senate Ethics Committee then "severely admonished" him in April for accepting gifts from a friend and campaign donor, Dr. Salomon Melgen, while intervening with federal agencies on his behalf.

A pollster says, "New Jersey voters are troubled by the ethics cloud hanging over Menendez."

"The more New Jerseyans hear about disgraced Senator Bob Menendez's corruption, the less they believe he should remain in the United States Senate," said a spokesman for the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

Source: NJ Advance Media on 2018 New Jersey Senate race Aug 22, 2018

Phil Murphy: Reject Pres. Trump's dark belief of an America in decline

We will resist every attempt to define who is, and who is not, a real American, to delegitimize our LGBTQ brothers and sisters, or to divide us based on how we worship. And we must reject President Trump's dark belief of an America in decline and in carnage.

Let there be no doubt: ours is an imperfect, but great, nation. Our exceptionalism derives from our values, articulated as forcefully in our Constitution as in the words written by Emma Lazarus at the base of the Statue of Liberty.

The current and unrelenting assault on our values will not stand, and we will combat it with every available means. We did not ask for this fight, but it is one that we must--and we will -- take on.

Source: 2018 New Jersey Inauguration/State of the State speech Jan 16, 2018

Jeff Bell: Judeo-Christian values established our government framework

Question topic: Efforts to bring Islamic law (shariah) to America do not pose a threat to our country and its Constitution.

Bell: Strongly Disagree.

Question topic: Judeo-Christian values established a framework of morality which permitted our system of limited government.

Bell: Strongly Agree.

Question topic: Briefly describe your spiritual beliefs and values.

Bell: I am a devoted Catholic and attend Mass daily.

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 New Jersey Senate race Sep 30, 2014

Murray Sabrin: Judeo-Christian values established our government framework

Question topic: Efforts to bring Islamic law (shariah) to America do not pose a threat to our country and its Constitution.

Sabrin: Strongly Disagree.

Question topic: Judeo-Christian values established a framework of morality which permitted our system of limited government.

Sabrin: Strongly Agree.

Question topic: Briefly describe your spiritual beliefs and values.

Sabrin: I believe there is a Supreme Being; our "Creator" as outlined in the Declaration of Independence who endowed us with unalienable Rights. I did not grow up in a religious household, yet we celebrated the Jewish holidays as part of our cultural heritage. I deeply believe in several basic principles such as the Golden Rule & the nonaggression principle, which states that no one can initiate force against an innocent human being, and that force is only justifiable to defend your life & property.

Source: Faith2Action iVoterGuide on 2014 New Jersey Senate race Jul 2, 2014

Jeff Bell: 1982: ran for Senate; speechwriter for Ronald Reagan

"Time to go buy 1 million Twitter followers," New Jersey Senate candidate Jeff Bell tweeted Wednesday morning.

He's not wrong. After winning Tuesday night's four-way Republican primary, Bell, a former speechwriter for Ronald Reagan, will now face Democratic Sen. Cory Booker, the former Newark mayor whose rise to national prominence was in part fueled by his high-volume tweeting. Booker has a whopping 1.47 million followers. Bell has 237.

His lower number isn't surprising--Bell, who is 70 years old, has been out of the game for decades. His last Senate campaign was in 1982, when he lost the Republican primary to former Rep. Millicent Fenwick. Prior to that, he ousted then-Sen. Clifford Case in New Jersey's GOP primary but lost the general election to Bill Bradley.

Source: The Wall Street Journal on 2014 New Jersey Senate race Jun 4, 2014

Jeff Bell: Wife wept upon hearing he would run for Senate

In January, he announced his plans to run, surprising his family--even his wife, who wept at the news. A month later, Bell, who had lived in the Washington area for more than three decades, packed up his bags and moved to Leonia.

Bell acknowledges that he faces an uphill battle against Booker, in part due to Booker's hefty financial advantage. Booker has $2.9 million in the bank, compared with Bell's $3,976. Still, Bell said, "This was a cause campaign," he said. "So far, at least it's alive."

Source: The Wall Street Journal on 2014 New Jersey Senate race Jun 4, 2014

Jeff Bell: Defeated incumbent Senator in GOP primary in 1978

Jeff Bell, who won the primary for the Republican Senate nomination earlier this week, has been there before. He won a Senate primary in his first political campaign. That was in 1978.

But on Tuesday, Bell defeated three other Republican challengers, winning 29.5% of the vote. All Bell, 70, has to do now is defeat Democratic incumbent and social media favorite Cory Booker.

Bell welcomes debates with Booker, saying, "I debated Bill Bradley 21 times in 1978, and I think I would be a good debater. I do have that reputation from the past."

Bell won that 1978 Republican Senate primary by defeating a 4-term incumbent, Clifford Case. Bell won the race by 1.5 percentage points, and called the victory "the major shocker to date of this political year." Almost nobody in politics gave Bell a chance to win, including his fellow Republican conservatives.

Source: on 2014 New Jersey Senate race May 5, 2014

Cory Booker: First African-American senator from New Jersey

Democrat Cory Booker was sworn into the Senate on Thursday, becoming the first African-American senator from New Jersey and the first African-American elected to the Senate since Illinois sent Barack Obama to Congress in 2004. New Jersey is now the first state to be represented by a black senator and a Latino senator--Sen. Robert Menendez is Cuban-American--at the same time. Slightly more than 42 percent of New Jersey's population is black and Latino.

"That's kind of incredible," Booker said. "New Jersey is a special kind of place." Booker said that to New Jersey's credit, race was never an issue in his campaign.

Booker will serve out the remainder of the late Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg's term, which ends in January 2015. Booker will serve on three Senate committees: Commerce, Science and Transportation; Small Business and Entrepreneurship; and Environment and Public Works. Two of his assignments--commerce and environment--also were committee assignments for Lautenberg.

Source: coverage of 2014 New Jersey Senate race Oct 31, 2013

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