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Bob Hugin: Supports Israel and recognizes Jerusalem as its capital

Bob considers Israel among our most valued allies and supports officially recognizing Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel, as well as the Administration's recent decision to relocate the United States Embassy to the city. He supports a continued Israeli-Palestinian peace process that results in a 2-state solution where the Palestinians recognize Israel's right to exist. Bob considers Israel a beacon of democracy and innovation in the Middle East and throughout the world.
Source: 2018 New Jersey Senate campaign website Jun 21, 2018

Cory Booker: No head in the sand; but no global police

Both Booker and Lonegan opposed a US attack on Syria, though in the first debate last Friday, only Lonegan ruled out any reconsideration. Lonegan and Booker, also in the first debate, scoffed at the notion of the U. as an international police force. Both expressed deep wariness about recent diplomatic outreaches to Iran.

Neither Booker nor Lonegan would qualify as a "hawk," but Booker is more receptive to the deployment of U. forces. Asked a Syria-inspired question in the first debate about "America's role in the world," Booker said the US should be willing to combat genocide, while Lonegan countered that the military's role is to "defend our borders and our trade routes."

That drew a rebuttal from Booker: "We cannot, like Mr. Lonegan suggests, just stick our heads in the sand and protect our borders. We have to be involved in the international community in a way that works with others to stop terrorism, other problems--famines to genocide--that are going on in the world," Booker said

Source: WHYY on 2014 New Jersey Senate race Oct 14, 2013

Cory Booker: Where Israel's security is at stake, so is America's

Israel continues to be an advocate for freedom, equality and democracy in the Middle East, protecting the rights of its citizens while upholding the values that Americans hold dear. From a strategic perspective, the US must continue to support Israel as a secure homeland for the Jewish people. Simply put, where Israel's security is at stake, America's security is at stake.

Lasting security for Israel will ultimately require peace between Israel and its neighbors. That is why we as Americans must continue to work to facilitate direct negotiations that seek a two-state solution. However, it is the right of the Israeli government to make the tough decisions that are necessary to secure its future. The Palestinian People deserve a state, [but it] must not be a vehicle for the launching of attacks against Israel. During any eventual negotiation, certain things must remain non-negotiable, namely conditions that speak to Israel's right to exist as a secure Jewish state.

Source: 2013-2014 New Jersey Senate campaign web Nov 3, 2013

Cory Booker: Development funds via international organizations for Africa

The story of Africa is one of transformation: local populations, partnered with international organizations and American international development funds, have done enormous good increasing standards of living and improving public health. In few areas has this been truer than the fight against HIV/AIDS, where millions of lives have been saved. Of course, much work remains to be done, particularly when it comes to helping governments drive out corruption and enforce the rule of law.
Source: 2013-2014 New Jersey Senate campaign web Nov 3, 2013

Cory Booker: Robust diplomacy and international development

America is a great nation because, over the course of our history, we have done great things. The tools that made us a world power--a strong economy, a strong military, robust diplomacy with strong allies, international development, and support for democracy--all must have a place in American strategy. Few of the new challenges we face can be solved by our military alone. Instead all of these pieces must work together to address the economic, social, political, and military challenges of our time.
Source: 2013-2014 New Jersey Senate campaign web Nov 3, 2013

Kim Guadagno: Keep restrictions on our relations with Cuba

I support our President's decision to place reasonable restrictions on our relations with Cuba and his demand for the immediate return of Joanne Chesimard to New Jersey law enforcement. The President's commitment to ensuring Chesimard returns to New Jersey and faces justice for the murder of Trooper Foerster is a testament to his support for New Jersey police and should be commended.
Source: New Jersey Governor 2017 campaign website Jun 19, 2017

Phil Murphy: Former U.S. ambassador to Germany, appointed by Obama

The 2017 New Jersey gubernatorial campaign is officially underway, a year before the first ballots are cast. Phil Murphy, the wealthy former U.S. ambassador to Germany who has spent the last two years laying the groundwork for a run for governor, became the first major candidate to declare his candidacy. "New Jersey's challenges can't wait," Murphy said in the two-minute video. "I'm taking the unusual step of announcing my candidacy for governor a year ahead of the election, because my campaign is not going to be politics as usual. It's time for a governor who has your back. I will."

Murphy's commercial never mentions [that he was an executive at] Goldman Sachs, instead focusing on his work as a former Democratic National Committee finance chairman under chairman Howard Dean, his years as the President Barack Obama-appointed ambassador to Germany, his leadership of two New Jersey charities and status as a member of the NAACP's national board.

Source: on 2017 New Jersey gubernatorial race May 16, 2016

Rich Pezzullo: As our ally, we must support Israel's right to defend itself

Israel is America's closest ally in the Middle East and one of its closest allies and friends in the entire world. Not only do we share strategic goals, but also a belief in democracy, human rights and the rule of law. The United States must be a vocal supporter of Israel's right to defend itself against terrorist violence and should not pressure Israel to enter into peace agreements or concessions that threaten Israel's ability to defend itself.
Source: 2018 New Jersey Senate campaign website Jan 1, 2018

Rich Pezzullo: Oppose all UN treaties that weaken our sovereignty

Rich supports a strong national defense but opposes the notion that the United States should become the world's policeman. As U.S. Senator, Rich Pezzullo will oppose UN treaties that take away our national sovereignty and oppose all efforts to make American troops serve under international agencies.
Source: 2018 New Jersey Senate campaign website Jan 1, 2018

Rik Mehta: China: masters of misinformation, not to be trusted

My policies would bring drug manufacturing back to American while at the same time creating thousands of jobs, lowering the price of drugs and protecting public health. As for China, they are masters of misinformation, from lying about the start of the COVID-19 cases in their country to providing false figures about the containment of this virus within their own borders, China is not to be trusted. I commend President Trump for the way he is handling this unfortunate situation.
Source: Fox News on 2020 New Jersey Senate race Apr 18, 2020

Robert Menendez: Unequivocal support for Hong Kong protests against China

China reacted furiously to President Donald Trump's signing of two bills on Hong Kong human rights and said the U.S. will bear the unspecified consequences. A foreign ministry statement repeated heated condemnations of the laws and said China will counteract. It said all the people of Hong Kong and China oppose the move.

Congress approved the bills last week following months of unrest in the semi-autonomous Chinese city. China's foreign ministry called the laws a "naked hegemonic action" that seriously interfered in Hong Kong and China's internal affairs, violated international law and "fundamental norms of international relations."

Democratic and Republican lawmakers applauded the signing of the bills. Sen. Robert Menendez, D-N.J., said it "finally sends a clear and unequivocal message to the people of Hong Kong: We are with you."

Rep. Chris Smith, R-N.J., who sponsored the House human rights bill, said Xi "should understand that the U.S. is not kidding about human rights.

Source: Idaho Statesman on 2020 New Jersey Senate race Nov 27, 2019

Stuart Meissner: Against Iran nuclear deal that sent money used for terrorism

It seems to be foreign policy where Meissner is most critical of Booker. Meissner says the senator claims to be a strong supporter of Israel, but if that's the case, he wouldn't have supported the Iran nuclear deal, an agreement Trump abandoned. Meissner says money returned to the Iranian government as part of the deal has been used by the regime to bomb Israeli settlements. And for that, he blames Booker.
Source: on 2020 New Jersey Senate race Dec 12, 2019

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