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Dan Carter: Represented Newtown; but opposed gun control after shooting

In 2016, Republican Dan Carter traveled all over the state in an effort to oust incumbent Sen. Richard Blumenthal. Political prognosticators knew it was a long-shot against a well-known and well-funded Democrat in a blue state. Now, four years later, Carter is running again for his old seat in the state House of Representatives, in a district that includes parts of Bethel, Danbury, and Newtown.

A three-term legislator, Carter was the favorite of top lawmakers in the General Assembly. In the campaign, Carter emphasized increasing jobs, lowering health care costs for working families, securing America's borders, and fixing the DVA.

A conservative Republican, Carter voted against the bipartisan gun-control bill following the shooting of 20 children and six educators at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown. Carter represented a portion of Newtown at the time and was the only lawmaker from the community to vote against the bill--saying it did not do enough to limit gun trafficking.

Source: Hartford Courant on 2022 Connecticut Senate race Feb 10, 2020

Jahana Hayes: Constituents want gun control, and Hayes will work on it

Representative-elect Jahana Hayes will join the House Democrats' Gun-Violence Prevention Task Force, which was formed in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass-shooting. Communities across my district made it clear to me during the last election that they want reform of our gun laws, said Hayes in a statement. There are concrete steps we can take right now to make our cities and towns safer, and I can't wait to work with my colleagues to make them a reality.
Source: Connecticut Post on 2018 CT-5 House race Dec 11, 2018

Chris Murphy: Teachers don't want to be armed; nor do parents or students

U.S. Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal are fighting a federal proposal that could allow schools to use federal funds to provide guns to teachers. This comes after Trump administration officials reviewed federal academic enrichment grants to see if the money can be used to procure firearms.

"Arming teachers is one of the most dangerous ideas that anyone could ever come up with for our school children," Murphy said. "Teachers don't want to be armed. Parents don't want schools to be armed. Kids don't want their schools to be armed. We are going to do everything n our power to make sure that Department of Education funds, taxpayer dollars, do not get used to put weapons in our classrooms."

The plan prompted swift condemnation from Democratic lawmakers and many educators, who accused the Trump administration of wanting to deprive students of much-needed mental health support and other resources in the interests of the National Rifle Association.

Source: NECN on 2018 Connecticut Senate race Aug 24, 2018

Chris Murphy: Stricter gun control laws on a federal level

Nearly six years have passed since the shooting here in Connecticut, at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, where 20 students and six faculty and staff members were killed in December 2012.

As Connecticut enacted stricter gun control legislation in the state, Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy stepped up calls for stricter gun control laws on a federal level.

He introduced an amendment that would block the Education Department from using the funds to arm schools [as the Trump administration is considering]. "Teachers' jobs are already hard enough," Murphy said. "We ask teachers to do more today than we ever have before."

He said teachers are stretched thin today and don't have the ability to be trained in firearms and to safely manipulate and store weapons in schools. "The Secretary of Education cares more about the firearms industry's bottom line than the safety of our kids, and that should scare parents to death," Murphy said .

Source: NECN on 2018 Connecticut Senate race Aug 24, 2018

Bob Stefanowski: No more gun controls; gun owners have been persecuted

Stefanowski, a retired corporate executive, was on stage for the first time with his four rivals: Mark Boughton, Timothy Herbst, Steve Obsitnik and David Stemerman. All five also opposed efforts at passing further gun controls in Connecticut, a state that expanded background checks to purchase firearms and ammunition and banned large-capacity magazines and certain assault-style weapons. Stefanowski said Malloy has "persecuted" gun owners.
Source: WNPR on 2018 Connecticut gubernatorial debate Jul 13, 2018

Ned Lamont: We learn first hand the cost of unregulated gun ownership

It's been six years since a gunman walked into Sandy Hook and killed twenty children and six educators, but the mass shootings across the US continue from Las Vegas to Parkland, and gun violence in Connecticut towns and cities persists.

We have learned first hand the cost of unregulated gun ownership. As Governor, and as a parent and educator, I will make sure that we continue to lead the nation in gun safety, and I won't let Republicans and the NRA push us backwards. Connecticut is a leader on...

But, I will ensure we do more.
Source: 2014 Connecticut Governor campaign website Jul 4, 2018

Ned Lamont: Ban bump stocks, and other common sense restrictions

I will ensure we do more [on gun regulation]. As governor, I will tighten our existing gun laws and close existing loopholes. This includes mandating that guns always be stored safely and limiting the number of firearms that may be purchased at once. I also support banning "bump stocks" and tightening the loopholes that allow for weapons to be upgraded to rapid fire.

As governor, I will expand gun buyback programs like the one that has had success in New Haven. It yielded 141 weapons this past December, and I plan on actively supporting any future buyback programs shown to reduce the number of weapons in our communities.

As governor, I will be a vocal advocate for smart, common sense legislation; work with our federal delegation, and regional leaders to be on the right side of history putting the safety of our communities first, and be a consistent, strong voice demanding national change such as ending the federal ban on gun violence research at the CDC.

Source: 2014 Connecticut Governor campaign website Jul 4, 2018

Dan Malloy: NRA has developed into a terrorist organization

Governor Malloy said the NRA has developed into a "terrorist organization."

"They act quite frankly in some cases as a terrorist organization," said Malloy. "You want to make safer guns? We will boycott your company. That's who they are. That's what they do."

Malloy said the NRA is a different organization than what it used to be. "The NRA today is a far cry from the NRA that in 1999 said that teachers shouldn't carry weapons in schools," said Malloy. "Or in the 90's said we should have universal background checks. They have in essence become a terrorist organization."

The NRA released the following statement in regards to Gov. Malloy's terrorist remarks: "The NRA is comprised of over five million law-abiding citizens. So let's be clear Governor Malloy just called tens of thousands of his constituents terrorists. NRA members love our children and want them to be safe just as much as anyone else; we just disagree that punishing law-abiding citizens is the way to achieve that goal."

Source: Fox-61 TV on 2018 Connecticut gubernatorial race Mar 6, 2018

Prasad Srinivasan: It is person behind AR15s that bring about massacres

Prasad Srinivasan has recanted his support for Connecticut's excellent gun safety legislation--which Mr. Srinivasan voted for in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shootings. Now, he says, he would sign a bill repealing the law.

Just days ago, Nikolas Cruz used an AR-15 rifle to kill 17 people in a high school. He purchased the weapon legally, which would not have been possible if Florida had a gun law like Connecticut's. But Mr. Srinivasan believes our law is no good.

"If it came up today, yes, I would vote differently because I know so much more now than I did,'' he said. He continued: "When I look at it now, I'm realizing more and more that it is the person behind these objects that can be used to bring about the massacres."

Mr. Srinivasan is right in that much more can be done in terms of mental health treatment. But doing more in the mental health area does not mean one must simultaneously remove any other established protection.

Source: Hartford Courant on 2018 Connecticut gubernatorial race Feb 21, 2018

Dan Malloy: Close loopholes; ban bump stocks

Surely, regardless of where each of us stands on the second amendment, we can all agree that no innocent person should know the terror of gunfire raining down on them at a rate of 90 bullets every ten seconds. Together, let us do what Congress could not do. Let's close dangerous loopholes and ban bump stocks in the State of Connecticut.
Source: 2018 Connecticut State of the State address Feb 7, 2018

Dan Malloy: Allow early voting, explore vote by mail

Together this session, we can pass a constitutional amendment that would allow all Connecticut residents to vote early for any reason. And on this topic, let us not waste a moment in our effort to make voting easier and more accessible. I will issue an executive order directing my administration to explore and report on the feasibility and benefits of creating a 'vote by mail' system in Connecticut.
Source: 2018 Connecticut State of the State address Feb 7, 2018

Matthew Corey: Gun control needs more mental health programs

On the heels of Sen. Murphy's call for Congress to take action on gun control following the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Corey attacked his actions and statements. Corey insists now is the time for healing, not political rhetoric. "What law is Senator Murphy going to put in place to keep the guns out of criminals hands? So what he's doing is a knee jerk reaction to take away the rights of abiding citizens. Corey believes part of the solution to mass shootings is to focus on mental healthcare.
Source: News8 WTNH on 2018 Connecticut Senatorial race Oct 4, 2017

Catherine Templeton: Gun owner & NRA member

Catherine believes government doesn't have the right to tell the citizens of South Carolina how best to defend our families. Catherine is a gun owner, carries a concealed weapons permit, and is a member of the NRA. On guns--we can count on Catherine to stand up for our constitutional rights and protect our conservative values.
Source: 2018 Connecticut Governor website Aug 17, 2017

August Wolf: Never disarm law abiding Americans

Our constitutional right to keep and bear arms must be defended. When the Founding Fathers wrote "shall not be infringed," they meant what they said. I own firearms and I use them for sport frequently. We ought to focus on keeping mentally ill people and criminals from getting guns, not disarming law abiding Americans.
Source: 2016 Connecticut Senate campaign website Apr 1, 2016

Tom Foley: Newtown law added inconveniences on law-abiding citizens

Tom Foley is critical of the state's sweeping gun control laws passed after the 2012 elementary school shooting in Newtown. But when asked what measures he would support, Foley wouldn't say.

Foley declined to take a position on the Connecticut law that prohibits the sale of ammunition magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. The ban was signed into law by Gov. Dan Malloy (D) last year as part of a comprehensive package that also expanded background checks for private gun sales and broadened the state's assault weapons ban to include newer firearms models. "I'm not going to rewrite the bill, but there were a lot of inconveniences put on law-abiding citizens that wouldn't have prevented what happened in Newtown," Foley said. "These guns were bought with a background check and everything was legal. My bill would have been different." When pressed further on what that alternative bill might look like, Foley said, "I'm not going to answer that question."

Source: Huffington Post on 2014 Connecticut gubernatorial race Aug 7, 2014

Tom Foley: Let stand current gun laws, but no specific proposals

Foley said he dislikes some of the sweeping gun controls enacted in response to the Sandy Hook school massacre in Newtown, but offered no specifics. [Foley's primary opponent John] McKinney tried to capitalize on Foley's reticence. McKinney said. "When the Newtown tragedy happened, I had the courage to take a stand and fight for the people I represent. Tom sat on the sidelines and lobbed criticisms, and he has yet to offer one specific plan about what he would do."

Foley let the remark pass. Foley has made the calculation there is no profit in expressing an opinion about whether the state was right to ban the sales of military-style weapons such as the AR-15 rifle and magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds. Instead, Foley has tried to neutralize the issue by saying he would not seek the repeal or the revision of the law, which McKinney voted for and Malloy signed. In a GOP primary, polls indicate the advantage lies not with the legislator who voted for gun control.

Source: Connecticut Mirror on 2014 Connecticut gubernatorial debate Jul 17, 2014

Maggie Hassan: Background check system to avoid gun sales to mentally ill

We know that our work is never complete, that we can always make our communities safer and stronger. One pressing public safety issue is the fact that New Hampshire does not provide the current background check system with information about individuals who should not be sold a firearm due to serious mental illness--even though that information is supposed to be included under federal law.

I understand that some oppose changes to this system because they have concerns about the impact on 2nd amendment rights, and some because they fear such changes would stigmatize those with mental illness.

Senator Watters has led efforts to address this challenge in a thoughtful way, leading toward a measure to study the issue and make recommendations for further legislation. I encourage both the Senate and House to pass this bill, and I encourage those who have initially opposed the measure to be willing to re-evaluate their positions and to help find a way through this issue, together.

Source: 2014 State of the State address to Connecticut legislature Feb 6, 2014

Tom Foley: Enough on gun control; focus on preventing another Newtown

The Connecticut Democratic Party pointed out that Foley has refused to take a stand on the historic gun safety legislation that just passed the legislature, backed by a sizable number of Republican votes. Yet despite having some cover from members of his own party, it's a topic Foley clearly does not want to discuss:

"Foley last month said he wanted to wait until the police report was issued on the slayings by Adam Lanza of 26 people, including 20 first-graders, at Sandy Hook Elementary School Dec. 14 in Newtown. That report is not due out until June. 'I thought gun legislation ought to focus on what would prevent another Newtown from happening,' Foley said. 'Newtown has obviously been politicized nationally.'"

Foley also accused Malloy of using the Newtown tragedy "to change the subject away from the budget; [the Newtown gun bill] includes a lot of things totally unrelated to Newtown" he said. Pressed on which aspects were irrelevant to the murders, Foley said, "Enough on gun control. It's over."

Source: Daily Kos on 2014 Connecticut Governor race Apr 15, 2013

Dan Malloy: Restrict sales of "long guns" and ammunition capacity by age

Excerpts of SB 1160, "Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Bill":House Bill Passed, 105-44-2, April 3; Senate Bill Passed, 26-10-0, April 3; Signed by Governor Dan Malloy, April 4, 2013
Source: Connecticut legislative voting record on SB 1160 Apr 4, 2013

Dan Carter: Voted NO on restricting sales of "long guns" and ammo by age

Rep. Carter voted NAY on SB 1160, "Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Bill": Excerpts of legislation:House Bill Passed, 105-44-2, April 3, 2013; Senate Bill Passed, 26-10-0, April 3, 2013; Signed by Governor Dan Malloy, April 4, 2013
Source: Connecticut legislative voting record on SB 1160 Apr 3, 2013

Dan Malloy: More guns are not the answer to gun violence

More guns are not the answer to gun violence When it comes to preventing future acts of violence in our schools, let me say this: more guns are not the answer. Freedom is not a handgun on the hip of every teacher, and security should not mean a guard posted outside every classroom.

More guns are not the answer to gun violence As long as weapons continue to travel up and down I-95, what is available for sale in Florida or Virginia can have devastating consequences here in Connecticut.

Source: 2013 Connecticut State of the State address Jan 9, 2013

Ann-Marie Adams: Newtown massacre exposes race and class prejudice

The Newtown mass shooting presents an opportune moment to address issues, including gun control laws. But unfortunately too much of the discussion has been focused on "assault weapons" with lethal firepower. Sadly, many implied that people in urban areas are not violently assaulted by handguns. As we memorialize 26 people who died, we recognize a familiar truth: some lives are worth more than others. And race and class matter in how the story unfolds in the media.
Source: on 2018 Connecticut Senatorial race Dec 25, 2012

Chris Murphy: NRA has more control over Congress than any other group

The candidates said they backed gun control legislation. Tong praised state legislation requiring that lost or stolen guns be reported in 72 hours to make it harder for their sale to criminals. "That's the kind of leadership we need in Washington, common sense legislation," he said.

Murphy said lobbying by the National Rifle Association makes such legislation nearly impossible in Washington. "The NRA has more control over Congress than almost any other political interest group there," he said.

Source: The Connecticut Day on 2012 CT Senate Debate Apr 16, 2012

Tom Foley: Supports 2nd amendment but require reporting stolen firearms

Foley would have signed a gun-control measure passed in 2007 requiring gun owners to report stolen firearms. "I support the 2nd Amendment. I'm a gun owner myself, but I think with gun ownership comes responsibility."
Source: Connecticut Mirror on 2014 Connecticut Governor race Dec 31, 2010

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