Tommy Thompson on Energy & Oil

Former Secretary of H.H.S.; former Republican Governor (WI)

More power plants and more transmission lines

There is no issue more crucial or critical to Wisconsin’s future right now than energy. We’re running out of it. Plain and simple. In Wisconsin, we simply don’t have enough power plants and transmission lines. We’ve built some plants in the last few years, and our deregulation efforts have been hailed nationally as among the smartest -- in stark contrast to California. But this has only allowed us to get by.

We need to immediately pursue a balanced course of building more power plants and erecting more transmission lines. And we need a natural gas pipeline to make our supply more reliable. We can do all of these without harming the environment, despite what the fear mongers claim. We’ve proven this in the past.

Without enough energy, not only will our existing businesses suffer, all those high-tech companies we want to attract will go elsewhere. High-technology runs on raw power, not wood stoves.

Source: 2001 State of the State Address Jan 31, 2001

Great emission reduction achieved with voluntary program

Toxic Release Inventory Air Emissions have dropped more than 45 percent since 1989. These air quality improvements include a 90 percent reduction in airborne sulfur dioxide; a 30 percent reduction in airborne particulate matter; and a 67 percent reduction in southeastern Wisconsin’s exposure to harmful ozone pollution. The Wisconsin Partners for Clean Air is a voluntary program to help achieve reductions in emissions from cars, businesses and home appliances.
Source: WI Governor’s website Jan 8, 2001

Voluntary partnerships reduce greenhouse gases economically.

Thompson adopted the National Governors Association policy:

Source: NGA policy NR-11, Global Climate Change Domestic Policy 00-NGA3 on Aug 15, 2000

Kyoto Treaty must include reductions by all countries.

Thompson adopted the National Governors Association policy:

If appropriate international commitments are established and are ratified by the US, the Governors believe implementation should be allowed to be achieved through cost-effective market-based activities, which account for scientifically verifiable and accountable reductions in greenhouse gas levels regardless of where the reductions are achieved. Any multinational emissions trading program must provide a flexible and workable framework that takes full advantage of market forces and maximizes international participation.
Source: NGA policy NR-11, Climate Change International Policy 00-NGA4 on Aug 15, 2000

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