Sarah Palin on Technology

Republican Governor (AK); ; nominee for Vice President

After selection, scant info on her life, even on Internet

Within minutes of John McCain's announcement, newscasters and pundits across the nation swung into action. In their droll and erudite way, they digested the scant information revealed about Palin in McCain's remarks. By the end of the first hour, their commentary had exhausted the sparse details of her life and had moved on to a discussion of the implications in the event the nation and the world had just witnessed. Awakened and roused like never before, the voters jammed websites and blogs to search for information about the new vice presidential candidate, the woman from Wasilla.

In Juneau, the State of Alaska's official website received so many hits it crashed as technicians struggled to keep it online. In tiny Wasilla, the mayor's office where Palin once had served was swamped with requests for news about her life and family. [OnTheIssues.org's Sarah Palin page received a record 850,000 viewers that day].

Source: Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Leader, by Joe Hilley, chapter 1 Oct 13, 2008

OpEd: Neglected Wasilla infrastructure; left with $22M debt

Q: What was the best thing she accomplished as Wasilla mayor?

A: She created a lovely ice rink on the lake for very little money by bringing water trucks onto the ice to spread water on the lake.

Q: What is the worst thing she did as Wasilla’s mayor

A: She campaigned on a platform of improvement of Wasilla’s infrastructure, and she came into a city that had very little debt. She left the city with $22 million of debt. Most of the debt was incurred for the sports complex, in competition with the private sector. The new venue is not paying for itself and most of the time, it’s empty. In addition, because the sports complex was built on land that Wasilla didn’t have clear title to, it cost even more money in litigation. Sarah supported the complex because she is a “hockey mom.” As a result of taking on that debt, the city has been unable to borrow to build a sewage treatment plant or to replace the aging & inadequate library.

Source: Phone interview with Anne Kilkenny, resident of Wasilla AK Sep 21, 2008

Supports $130M in research investment in U. Alaska

Research is a huge part of how a University can help pay its own way. The University of Alaska is currently leveraging federal dollars for research to the tune of $1 in state funds for every $7 in federal funds. The $130 million received annually in research dollars is an investment in our students and our U of A system.
Source: Palin-Parnell campaign booklet: New Energy for Alaska Nov 3, 2006

Efficient transportation system is vital to our economy

TRANSPORTATION: An efficient and functional transportation system is absolutely vital to our economy. Throughout history, strong transportation systems have been the cornerstone of economic growth and success throughout the world. It is equally important in Alaska, where so much of our state is remote and still not connected by roads. Transportation infrastructure is a basic necessity that Alaska must have to succeed and prosper. Improvement and expansion to our aging network of public facilities, roads, harbors, airports, and rail is required for any development, and gas line construction success. A highly functional, well-maintained, statewide transportation network of public facilities, roads, ferries, trains, and airports is required, to improve Alaska’s economy and the quality of life for ALL Alaskans.
Source: Palin-Parnell campaign booklet: New Energy for Alaska Nov 3, 2006

Alaska needs a state funded highway program

It is time for Alaska to develop a state funded highway program like most states in America. This will be a challenge for us, but it is necessary to reduce our current near total dependency on federal aid and ensure basic needs and maintenance are addressed.
Source: Palin-Parnell campaign booklet: New Energy for Alaska Nov 3, 2006

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