Mark Warner on Technology

Democratic VA Governor

Target more enforcement against cyber-crime

As technology advances, the threat of cyber-crimes grows more serious. Because much of the technology community calls Virginia home, we face unique threats that other states don’t. As Governor, Mark will target more law enforcement officers specifically to cyber-crimes, promote greater training for all law enforcement personnel to spot and crack down on cyber-crimes, and improve cooperation between law enforcement at all levels.
Source: Campaign web site, MarkWarner2001.org/issues Nov 6, 2001

Fight Internet pornography

As a technology leader, Mark understands the freedom and opportunities that the Internet brings. But as a father of three young girls, he knows it also brings a deep responsibility. Parents are scared about the trash that their children can gain access to over the Internet, and they feel like there’s nothing they can do about it. As Governor, Mark will work with parents, technology businesses, and community leaders to find ways to protect children from inappropriate material on the Internet.
Source: Campaign web site, MarkWarner2001.org/issues Nov 6, 2001

Promote “e-government”

As a successful businessman in the technology field, Mark Warner understands the many advantages and cost savings that can flow from the greater use of technology. As Governor, Mark will promote “e-government” initiatives that encourage the best uses of technology to make government run more efficiently and also allow citizens and businesses easier and more cost-effective access to government information and services.
Source: Campaign web site, MarkWarner2001.org/issues Nov 6, 2001

Supports Tek.Xam: standard test for technology employment

Until recently, liberal-arts students couldn’t even get an interview with a high-tech company because they had no way to demonstrate their technology skills. That’s why we worked to develop Tek.Xam, a test that measures problem solving and technology skills. Tek.Xam is a 4-hour test, delivered over the Internet. Its major components require students to prove their ability to use technology. We believe Tek.Xam will someday rank alongside the SAT & GRE as a recognized barometer of aptitude.
Source: MarkWarner2001.org, “Leaving No One Behind” Jan 8, 2001

Invest broadcast spectrum receipts into school Internet

We must prepare our children for the jobs of the future and the opportunities created by new technologies. Instead of cutting Head Start and student loans, the federal government should help local school districts invest in safe, modern schools connected to the Information Superhighway. Additional funding, if necessary, can come from partnership with the private sector and the sale of broadcast spectrum. I also believe that we must make balancing our budget a top priority.
Source: 1996 Congressional National Political Awareness Test Jul 2, 1996

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