Duncan Hunter on Environment

Republican Representative (CA-52)

Opposes Kelo property rights; restrict eminent domain

Regarding the Kelo property rights/eminent domain decision by the Supreme Court: I am deeply concerned with the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision greatly broadening local government’s use of eminent domain in Kelo vs. New London and believe it is important that Congress protect the property rights of private landowners and curb the government from excessive regulatory takings. I voted to express grave disapproval regarding the majority opinion in the Kelo case.

Additionally, I cosponsored the Eminent Domain Tax Relief Act of 2005, which abolished the capital gains tax on private property taken by the government through eminent domain. I also voted in favor of a legislative amendment to H.R. 3058, prohibiting federal funding from being used to improve or construct infrastructure support on lands acquired through the use of eminent domain of private property for private development.

Source: Campaign website, www.gohunter08.com, “Core Principles” Sep 1, 2007

Scored 42% on Humane Society Scorecard on animal protection

Source: Humane Society 109th Congress Scorecard, www.fund.org Jan 31, 2007

Voted NO on $9.7B for Amtrak improvements and operation thru 2013.

Congressional Summary: