Condoleezza Rice on Energy & Oil

Secretary of State

Diversify supply to non-carbon-based sources

Q: The issue of the day is the price of oil. And we find ourselves really in a curious position here, where so much money is flowing out of the US and actually into the Middle East because obviously that is where the oil is. How did we get here?

A: Well, we need a comprehensive energy policy, and President Bush has been talking about a comprehensive energy policy practically since the first day that he was elected. It's very important that we diversify supply. That means that we have to find way --energy sources that are not carbon based. That's why alternative sources of energy, new technologies will be very important. We simply have put ourselves into a situation in which it's hard to break our addiction to oil. We're not going to get out of it quickly, I'm afraid, unless--and it's high time to get started on the diversification of our energy resources.

Source: CNBC interview on Maria Bartiromo show May 23, 2008

Increase refining capacity & domestic resources; use nuclear

Q: It seems like many of the same senators who are wanting oil profit taxes on the big oil companies are the same senators who are saying, look, we cannot drill here, and we can't go to ANWR, and this is off limits, not in my back yard.

A: It is unfortunate that we continue--while we say that we want to be less addicted to foreign oil, which has been one of the president's goals--we say we want to be less addicted to foreign oil, but then we say to oil producers, "You have to increase supply," rather than thinking about what we can do at home to increase supply. And of course, the ability to use our domestic resources, our domestic sources of oil would be a very important part of that. Nuclear energy is another clean technology that we should be using and exploring. We need to increase our refining capacity. It has been a problem for us to be able to refine. And we also need to have exploration at home.

Source: CNBC interview on Maria Bartiromo show May 23, 2008

Bring to market transformational energy technologies

Addressing climate change requires a sustained effort by all nations over many generations. Developing & bringing to the marketplace transformational energy technologies will be key. To this end, the US has launched 5 important multilateral partnerships:
  1. The International Methane to Markets Partnership
  2. The International Partnership for a Hydrogen Economy
  3. The Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum
  4. The Generation IV International Forum
  5. The Global Earth Observation initiative.
Source: Congressional testimony, on www.4condi.com, "Issues" Feb 17, 2005

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