Condoleezza Rice on Education

Secretary of State

Experienced educator, as teacher and administrator

On education, Rice is an experienced educator, where Hillary merely writes about the subject. Condi's extensive experience at Stanford, as a teacher, a mentor, and an administrator, qualifies her to speak on the education issue in a way no other candidate in either party can. If Laura Bush's pedagogic background made her husband more attractive to women voters, imagine their reaction to a former full-time educator running for president.
Source: Condi vs. Hillary, by Dick Morris, p. 62 Oct 11, 2005

Keep funding for arts in school budgets

Some people believe the arts should be the first things that are cut out of school budgets and I believe very strongly that the arts are wonderful things for children. If there's one area that I want to encourage people in school districts to work on, it's to keep funding the arts. When I was growing up, particularly in the African American community, we had great bands. I asked myself, when are these kids going to learn to play instruments that might get them diplomas, that might give them careers.
Source: Juan Williams interview on NPR, on www.4condi.com, "Issues" May 26, 2005

Economic class means nothing in US colleges

Upward mobility [via education] is important [to the American character]. I was really struck by the story of a woman who could not get into Oxford but got into Harvard. Did you know that the Stanford population is poorer than the Berkeley population? And yet Berkeley is a pubic school and Stanford is private! That is because of very strong values about upward mobility. Stanford runs a "needs blind" admissions. So the population here is actually poorer than it is in public institutions. Class means nothing in the American higher educational system, and all of those values have gone together to make the US.

The way that our research universities work is also important. Stanford is the source of both ideas and of people for Silicon Valley. It is true of Route 128 in Massachusetts, it is true of Austin and the University of Texas. The US is going to for a long time dominate this new economy, because it has these perfectly positioned characteristics.

Source: TIES-Webzine interview at Hoover Institution, Stanford Univ. Jun 25, 2000

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