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Books by and about 2020 presidential candidates
Crippled America,
by Donald J. Trump (2015)
by Cory Booker (2016)
The Truths We Hold,
by Kamala Harris (2019)
Smart on Crime,
by Kamala Harris (2010)
Guide to Political Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2017)
Where We Go From Here,
by Bernie Sanders (2018)
Promise Me, Dad ,
by Joe Biden (2017)
Conscience of a Conservative,
by Jeff Flake (2017)
Two Paths,
by Gov. John Kasich (2017)
Every Other Monday,
by Rep. John Kasich (2010)
Courage is Contagious,
by John Kasich (1998)
Shortest Way Home,
by Pete Buttigieg (2019)
The Book of Joe ,
by Jeff Wilser (2019; biography of Joe Biden)
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Our Revolution,
by Bernie Sanders (2016)
This Fight Is Our Fight,
by Elizabeth Warren (2017)
Higher Loyalty,
by James Comey (2018)
The Making of Donald Trump,
by David Cay Johnston (2017)
Books by and about the 2016 presidential election
What Happened ,
by Hillary Clinton (2017)
Higher Loyalty ,
by James Comey (2018)
Trump vs. Hillary On The Issues ,
by Jesse Gordon (2016)
Hard Choices,
by Hillary Clinton (2014)
Becoming ,
by Michelle Obama (2018)
Outsider in the White House,
by Bernie Sanders (2015)

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Survey of 2006 Senate campaign websites

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    from Survey of 2006 Senate campaign websites (number of quotes indicated):
  • Alan Schlesinger (6) Republican Senate Challenger (2006) Connecticut
  • Allen McCulloch (6) Former Republican Challenger (2006) New Mexico
  • Amy Klobuchar (25) Democrat/DFL Sr Senator Minnesota
  • Barbara Radnofsky (37) Democratic challenger (2006) Texas
  • Benjamin Cardin (2) Democratic Jr Senator, previously Representative Maryland
  • Bill Bowlin (2) Former Democratic Challenger (2006) Mississippi
  • Bo Heyward (11) Independent challenger (2006) Tennessee
  • Bob Casey (13) Democratic Sr Senator; previously state treasurer Pennsylvania
  • Bob Corker (15) Republican Jr Senator Tennessee
  • Bob Keenan (12) Former Republican Challenger (2006), state senator Montana
  • Brad Klippert (27) Republican Challenger (2006) Washington
  • Brian Macdonald (8) Republican challenger (2008) Massachusetts
  • Bruce Guthrie (8) Libertarian Challenger (2006) Washington
  • Carl Romanelli (12) Green Challenger (2006) Pennsylvania
  • Carl Sheeler (15) Democratic Challenger (2006) Rhode Island
  • Charlie Crist (6) Florida Democratic Governor Challenger
  • Chet Culver (6) Iowa Democratic Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Chris Carney (8) Democrat (Retired 2010) U.S. Rep Pennsylvania-10
  • Chris Lugo (1) Green challenger (2008) Tennessee
  • Christine O`Donnell (5) Republican Senate Challenger Delaware
  • Chuck Pennacchio (7) Former Democratic challenger (2006) Pennsylvania
  • Claire McCaskill (21) Democratic Sr Senator; previously state Auditor Missouri
  • Corrogan Vaughn (6) Former Republican Primary Challenger (2012) Maryland
  • Cynthia Thielen (8) Republican Challenger (2006) Hawaii
  • Dale Groutage (16) Former Democratic challenger (2006) Wyoming
  • Daniel Vovak (1) Republican challenger (2008) Maryland
  • David Kramer (11) Republican challenger, state party chair (lost May primary) Nebraska
  • David Pfeffer (8) Former Republican Challenger (2006) New Mexico
  • David Redick (25) Libertarian Challenger (2006) Wisconsin
  • Dean Heller (5) Republican Jr Senator Nevada
  • Dick Mountjoy (11) Former Republican Senate Challenger (2006) California
  • Don Stenberg (6) Former Republican Primary Challenger (2012) Nebraska
  • Ed Bryant (1) Republican challenger (2006), previously U.S. Rep Tennessee
  • Ed Case (1) Democratic challenger (2006); U.S. Rep. Hawaii
  • Ed Cox (14) Former Republican Challenger (withdrew Jan. 2006) New York
  • Erik Fleming (15) Democratic Challenger (2008) Mississippi
  • Ford Bell (24) DFL challenger (2006) Minnesota
  • Francesca Lobato (7) Former Republican Challenger (2006) New Mexico
  • Greg Parke (6) Republican challenger (2006) Vermont
  • Harold Ford (5) 2010 Democratic Primary Challenger; previously US Rep (TN) New York
  • Harris Miller (7) Former Democratic challenger (2006) Virginia
  • Hiram Lewis (5) Former Republican challenger (lost May 2006 primary) West Virginia
  • Howie Hawkins (18) New York Green Party Gubernatorial Challenger
  • Jack Carter (4) Democratic challenger (2006), previously First Son Nevada
  • James Webb (8) Former Virginia Senator; Democratic Presidential candidate
  • Jan Ting (9) Republican Challenger (2006) Delaware
  • Jean Hay Bright (9) Democratic challenger (2006) Maine
  • Jerry Zandstra (13) Former Republican challenger (2006) Michigan
  • Jim Pederson (12) 2006 Democratic challenger, state party chair Arizona
  • Joe Carraro (5) Former Republican Challenger (2006) New Mexico
  • John Featherman (22) Libertarian Challenger (2006) Pennsylvania
  • John Morrison (5) Former Democratic challenger (2006); state Auditor Montana
  • John Raese (15) Republican Senate Challenger West Virginia
  • John Spencer (5) Republican Challenger (2006), previously Mayor of Yonkers New York
  • Jon Tester (19) Democratic Jr Senator Montana
  • Katherine Harris (3) Republican challenger (2006); Former US Representative Florida
  • Keith Butler (24) Republican challenger (2006), previously Detroit councilor Michigan
  • Kenneth Chase (3) Republican Challenger, 2004 Congressional candidate Massachusetts
  • Kevin Scott (15) Republican Challenger (2008), previously Wakefield Selectman Massachusetts
  • Kevin Zeese (21) Green/ Libertarian/ Populist Challenger (2006) Maryland
  • Kirsten Gillibrand (7) Democratic Jr Senator New York
  • KT McFarland (8) Republican Challenger (2006) New York
  • Kweisi Mfume (15) Democratic challenger (2006), previously U.S. Rep. Maryland
  • Larry Drown (7) Democratic challenger (2006) Vermont
  • Leonard Schwartz (5) Libertarian Challenger (2006) Michigan
  • Linda Lingle (1) Hawaii Former Republican Governor (2002-2010)
  • Mark Kennedy (3) Republican challenger (2006), U.S. Rep Minnesota
  • Matt Brown (6) Rhode Island Democratic challenger for Rhode Island Governor
  • Mazie Hirono (11) Democratic Challenger Hawaii
  • Michael Cavlan (10) Green Challenger (2008) Minnesota
  • Michael Steele (5) Republican challenger, Lt. Gov. Maryland
  • Mike Bouchard (17) Republican Challenger Michigan
  • Mike McGavick (17) Republican challenger (2006) Washington
  • Mike Protack (14) Republican challenger (2006) Delaware
  • Ned Lamont (21) Connecticut Democratic Candidate for governor
  • Paul Hodes (7) 2010 Democratic Senate Challenger; currently US Rep. New Hampshire
  • Pete Ashdown (19) Former Democratic challenger (2012) Utah
  • Peter Ricketts (6) Nebraska Republican Governor
  • Rae Vogeler (23) Green Challenger (2006) Wisconsin
  • Richard Tarrant (8) Republican Challenger (2006) Vermont
  • Rick Snuffer (8) Former Republican challenger (lost May 2006 primary) West Virginia
  • Robert Fitzgerald (13) Independence Party Challenger (2006) Minnesota
  • Robert Lorge (5) Republican Senate challenger Wisconsin
  • Rosalind Kurita (17) Former Democratic challenger (2006) Tennessee
  • Scott Jameson (9) Libertarian Challenger (2008) Texas
  • Sheldon Whitehouse (14) Democratic Jr Senator Rhode Island
  • Sherrod Brown (6) Democratic Sr Senator Ohio
  • Stan Jones (33) Libertarian Challenger (2006) Montana
  • Steve Osborn (6) Libertarian Challenger (2006) Indiana
  • Thomas Kean Jr. (6) Former Republican challenger (2006) New Jersey
  • Tom Martin (37) Former Democratic Senate Candidate (2006) Pennsylvania
  • Van Hilleary (5) Republican challenger (2006), previously U.S. Rep Tennessee
  • Zane Lawhorn (32) Republican Senate Challenger West Virginia
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 OnTheIssues.org excerpts:  (click on issues for details)
    Charlie Crist: Defend parental notification rights.
    Chet Culver: Re-start stem cell research program.
    Chris Carney: Opposes abortion, but government should provide full info.
    Dean Heller: No federal funds to pay for or support abortion.
    Paul Hodes: Protect a woman’s right to choose.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Restrictive legislation does not lead to fewer abortions.
    Tom Martin: End the federal “War on Abortion”.
    Tom Martin: Anti-Choice zealots shouldn’t outlaw research.
    Bruce Guthrie: Protect Women’s Reproductive Rights.
    Jon Tester: Supports Stem Cell Research.
    Christine O`Donnell: Pledges to always vote in favor of life.
    Kenneth Chase: Support Child Custody Protection Act’s parental notification.
    Carl Romanelli: Defend women’s right to reproductive choice.
    Howie Hawkins: Supports reproductive freedom.
    Keith Butler: Pro-life and opposed to abortion on demand.
    Richard Tarrant: Prefers zero abortions, but respects settled law.
    Allen McCulloch: Support pro-life and pro-family legislation.
    Dick Mountjoy: Abortionists murder a million babies a year.
    Claire McCaskill: Continue promising stem-cell research.
    John Raese: Life begins at conception.
    John Raese: Ban cloning - science should not play God.
    John Raese: Embryonic stem cell research no; umbilical stem cells yes.
    Bo Heyward: Against abortion being used as a form of birth control.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Support Roe v. Wade.
    Ned Lamont: Absolute support for women’s right to reproductive freedom.
    Jean Hay Bright: Right to decide is a constitutional & human right.
    Mike Bouchard: Endorsed by Right-to-Life PAC in Sheriff campaign.
    Carl Sheeler: Medically and financially assist a woman’s right to choose.
    David Redick: A woman’s body is her property.
    David Redick: No government payment & no partial birth abortion.
    Zane Lawhorn: Stop the murdering of innocent children.
    Robert Lorge: 100% pro-life.
    Rosalind Kurita: Women can make their own healthcare choices.
    Brad Klippert: 100% pro-life; ban partial-birth abortion.
    Brad Klippert: Opposes expansion of stem-cell research.
    Ed Cox: Promote a culture of life.
    Ed Cox: Ban on partial birth abortions.
    Rae Vogeler: Defend reproductive rights.
    Rae Vogeler: Make morning-after pill accessible without a prescription.
    Stan Jones: No abortion after heartbeat, at 41 days into pregnancy.
    Stan Jones: Abortion is a crime against humanity.
    Stan Jones: Abortion is not a private decision of a woman.
    Van Hilleary: Oppose abortion-on-demand & protect innocent life.
    Ed Bryant: Do everything to help protect the sanctity of life.
    Bob Corker: Only appoint judges who won’t overstep their bounds.
    Bob Corker: Pro-life, anti-partial birth, pro-parental consent.
    John Featherman: Fully pro-choice.
    Mike Protack: Life in the womb is the essence of innocence.
    Hiram Lewis: Protect Life.
    Rick Snuffer: Protect the unborn.
    Jerry Zandstra: Pro-Life for our most vulnerable citizens.
    David Kramer: Protect life from conception to natural death.
    Ford Bell: Pro-choice.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Right to choose, but with “Target Zero” abortions.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Uphold the right to choose, but “Target Zero” abortions.
Budget & Economy
    Robert Fitzgerald: Deficit is reckless and irresponsible.
    Tom Martin: It’s the spending, stupid!
    Tom Martin: Return to precious metal standard; end Federal reserve.
    Bruce Guthrie: Balanced Budget Amendment is unfortunately needed.
    Mike Bouchard: Federal tax-and-spend is out of control & costs jobs.
    Christine O`Donnell: Pledges to vote against all earmarks & pork barrel spending.
    Rae Vogeler: The rich in this country are doing better than ever.
    Carl Romanelli: Balance the budget to guarantee quality of life.
    Alan Schlesinger: National debt of $5 trillion is too burdensome on economy.
    Leonard Schwartz: Democrats & Republicans love to spend your money (we don’t).
    Richard Tarrant: Ashamed of Congressional wasteful spending.
    Bob Keenan: Balance the budget except for the War on Terror.
    Jim Pederson: Get debt under control instead of recklessly spending taxes.
    Mike McGavick: Reform government to balance budget without raising taxes.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Reduce deficit via pay-as-you-go.
    Mike Bouchard: Government should be as lean as possible.
    David Redick: US economy in trouble due to excessive spending.
    Rosalind Kurita: Fiscal conservative against borrow-&-spend mentality.
    Brad Klippert: Bring spending under control & pay down National Debt.
    Ed Cox: Fiscal responsibility is possible in Washington.
    Bob Corker: Get control of our federal budget via efficiency.
    Dale Groutage: Balance the budget to fix national debt crisis.
    Amy Klobuchar: Fiscal responsibility in our federal budget.
    Mike Protack: Wasteful & uncontrolled budget spending drains our economy.
    Pete Ashdown: Reverse trend of other countries surpassing US innovation.
    Jerry Zandstra: Tripod Economics: consider consumers, employers & employees.
    David Kramer: Supports balanced budget amendment & line item veto.
    Kevin Scott: Focus on small business.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Reduce the deficit & advocate fiscal responsibility.
Civil Rights
    Charlie Crist: Uphold Florida’s Defense of Marriage Act.
    Charlie Crist: Provide compensation to victims of racial discrimination.
    Dean Heller: Supports traditional marriage.
    Mazie Hirono: Affirmative action is as important now as it ever was.
    Mazie Hirono: No Constitutional bans on same sex marriage.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Accessible, affordable health care for American citizens.
    Tom Martin: Marriage is up to the individuals, including gays.
    Tom Martin: Flag burning is protected (but stupid) speech.
    Tom Martin: Govt. should be color-blind; end affirmative action.
    Tom Martin: For Gay rights, because they are citizens.
    Bruce Guthrie: Recognize marriage equality for gays.
    John Spencer: Supports the Marriage Protection Amendment.
    Jan Ting: Separating religious faith from government is misguided.
    Jan Ting: The American flag is sacred.
    Steve Osborn: Definition of marriage is a states’ rights issue.
    Howie Hawkins: End racial profiling.
    Leonard Schwartz: Racial preferences,created by executive order, are hypocrisy.
    Carl Sheeler: Imperative against gender, sex, & age discrimination.
    Keith Butler: Opposes quotas or set aside programs for anyone.
    Allen McCulloch: Defend traditional marriage.
    Jean Hay Bright: Marriage Protection Amendment is indefensible.
    Ned Lamont: Limiting marriage blurs the line between church & state.
    John Raese: Marriage is between a man and a woman.
    Mike McGavick: Re-authorize Patriot Act to win war on terror.
    Ned Lamont: I am a strong supporter of affirmative action.
    Ned Lamont: Hold Bush accountable for warrantless wiretaps.
    Peter Ricketts: Judges shouldn’t reinterpret marriage.
    Dick Mountjoy: Marriage between man & woman, not based on sexual preference.
    Ned Lamont: Don’t compromise Constitutional liberties in war on terror.
    KT McFarland: Anti-terrorism requires monitoring domestic suspects.
    Carl Sheeler: Equal rights for same gender relationships.
    David Redick: Patriot Act gives excess authority which is easily abused.
    Zane Lawhorn: Require citizens of certain races to carry National ID Card.
    Zane Lawhorn: Marriage is union between a man and a woman.
    Brian Macdonald: Make English our official language.
    Brian Macdonald: Opposes affirmative action as currently understood.
    Jean Hay Bright: Special Prosecutor should investigate Bush FISA violations.
    Rosalind Kurita: Supports equal pay rules for women.
    Brad Klippert: Supports limited wire-tapping for national security.
    Brad Klippert: Opposes racial and sexual quotas.
    Scott Jameson: Public prayer is a civil right.
    Scott Jameson: Repeal the “unPatriotic Act” of 2001.
    Ed Cox: Marriage is between a man and a woman.
    Rae Vogeler: Defend affirmative action.
    Rae Vogeler: Equality regardless of sexual orientation.
    Kevin Zeese: Restore civil liberties undermined by the Patriot Act.
    Stan Jones: Blanket pardon on license laws until Soc.Sec.number removed.
    Stan Jones: Equal status for homosexuals, not special status.
    Stan Jones: Consensual behavior is none of the governments’ business.
    Van Hilleary: Traditional marriage must be preserved.
    Greg Parke: Homeland Security without sacrificing our God-given rights.
    Bob Corker: Support the sanctity of marriage.
    John Featherman: Patriot Act is an overreaching law.
    John Featherman: Pro gay marriage and pro gay rights.
    John Featherman: Encourage more women to join the economy.
    Mike Protack: Marriage is between one man and one woman.
    Mike Protack: Supports tradition of personal religious expression.
    Pete Ashdown: Patriot Act side-steps the Fourth Amendment.
    Rick Snuffer: Supports marriage between a man and a woman.
    Jerry Zandstra: I believe in meritocracy, not in pandering.
    Sherrod Brown: Opposed Issue 1, the state gay marriage ban.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Equal pay for equal work.
    Jean Hay Bright: Flag desecration expresses gripes in a Constitutional way.
    John Raese: Roll back regulations to spur business and job growth.
    Ned Lamont: Brings real business experience that government needs.
    Kweisi Mfume: Encourage female and minority-owned proprietorships.
    Kweisi Mfume: Small businesses need advocates.
    Rosalind Kurita: Bush tax policy is a huge corporate giveaway.
    Kevin Zeese: Stop international corporate welfare and unfair competition.
    Kevin Zeese: Restore right to sue and reduce eminent domain.
    Michael Cavlan: Democracy requires media independent of corporate power.
    Bob Corker: Reduce burden of taxation, litigation, and regulation.
    John Featherman: Stricter rules for lawsuits, and against corporate officers.
    Pete Ashdown: Businesses abuse copyright and hold back innovation.
    David Kramer: Small businesses are the engine that drives our economy.
    Charlie Crist: Require that prisoners serve at least 85% of their sentences.
    Mazie Hirono: Mandatory sentences are ineffective use of money.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Restore the rights to non-violent ex-offenders.
    Tom Martin: Mandatory sentencing takes jail space from real criminals.
    Michael Steele: More focus on victims of violent crime.
    Michael Steele: Mandatory sentencing guidelines for child sex offenders.
    Howie Hawkins: End the death penalty.
    Keith Butler: Serve out full sentences.
    Keith Butler: Invest in prisons and jails.
    Pete Ashdown: Death penalty is not a deterrent.
    Joe Carraro: More state prisons, privately built, right away.
    Joe Carraro: Toughen regulations for sex offenders.
    Bo Heyward: Pedophiles deserve the death penalty.
    Mike Bouchard: Tough policies when dealing with law breakers.
    Mike Bouchard: Publicly register convicted sex offenders.
    Zane Lawhorn: Punishment should suit victims and taxpayers, not criminals.
    Brad Klippert: Supports “Two Strikes, You’re Out” and stricter sentencing.
    Brad Klippert: Supports death penalty & more prisons.
    Ed Cox: Premeditated murderers deserve the ultimate punishment.
    Stan Jones: Require aggressors to pay restitution and costs of jail.
    Stan Jones: Not all sins should be crimes.
    Keith Butler: Advised on federal response to Rodney King beating.
    Bob Corker: Put repeat criminals behind bars.
    Amy Klobuchar: Lock up predatory sex offenders indefinitely.
    Barbara Radnofsky: High priority to anti-lynching resolution.
    Claire McCaskill: Increase sentences for repeat violent criminals.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Prosecuted gang members as U.S. Attorney.
    Tom Martin: The Drug war on the Constitution is insane.
    Tom Martin: Legalize marijuana and tax it.
    Michael Steele: More enforcement against Drug Trafficking.
    Jon Tester: Tough penalties for manufacturing & selling drugs.
    Carl Romanelli: After 35 years, it’s obvious Drug War is not working.
    Howie Hawkins: End the “War on Drugs”.
    Leonard Schwartz: Asset forfeiture is arbitrary for drugs, gambling, & sex.
    Dick Mountjoy: Don’t legalize drugs that destroy our young people.
    Joe Carraro: Teach about alcohol, drug and tobacco in schools.
    Mike McGavick: Stop inflow of illegal drugs-whatever it takes.
    Zane Lawhorn: Yes, I did inhale, but God helped me walk away from drugs.
    Zane Lawhorn: Increase penalties for manufacturing and distributing drugs.
    Erik Fleming: Let patients use medical marijuana.
    Brad Klippert: Stand strong against illegal drug activity.
    Kevin Zeese: End the failed war on drugs.
    Kevin Zeese: Protect medical marijuana users & providers.
    Stan Jones: Government has lost the war on drugs.
    Stan Jones: The Drug War kills more people than the drugs.
    John Featherman: The war on drugs is a failure.
    Claire McCaskill: National leader in the war on meth.
    Charlie Crist: Early advocate for parental choice in education.
    Chet Culver: Raise teacher salaries; expand early education.
    Chet Culver: Students need framework for character development.
    Chris Carney: Invest in our educational infrastructure.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: More funds for NCLB and early education.
    Mazie Hirono: Life long learning, “P through L”.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Local communities can best react to education needs.
    Tom Martin: Separate school and state.
    Tom Martin: No School Prayer Amendment.
    Tom Martin: Vouchers will make better public schools.
    Cynthia Thielen: Limited opportunities for college dropout vs. college grad.
    Cynthia Thielen: Quality public education is an essential service.
    Cynthia Thielen: Support NCLB to make fundamental changes in schooling.
    Cynthia Thielen: Ensure an excellent, free education to all children.
    Jan Ting: Study foreign languages for national security.
    Howie Hawkins: Guarantee a quality education to everyone.
    Carl Sheeler: Supports private scholarships & portable education accounts.
    Dale Groutage: Raise teacher pay and incentives for new teachers.
    Keith Butler: Supports accountability, competition, and portability.
    Keith Butler: Supported vouchers but respects voters’ rejection.
    Larry Drown: Strong Public Education.
    Richard Tarrant: Home school at school, and more individualized education.
    Pete Ashdown: Public schools should be propaganda-free havens.
    Allen McCulloch: More choice in where children go to school.
    Ned Lamont: Teaching creationism blurs the line between church & state.
    Bob Keenan: Drastically cut back federal involvement in schools.
    Bob Keenan: NCLB fails because it’s a one size fits all approach.
    Claire McCaskill: Expand pre-school and Head Start.
    Claire McCaskill: Expand Pell Grants and HOPE Scholarships.
    Claire McCaskill: Scholarships to fill science & math slots in public schools.
    Harris Miller: Make urgent investments in our education system.
    James Webb: Public education levels the playing field.
    Jim Pederson: Public education invests in our children & our futures.
    John Raese: Vouchers let all families choose like wealthy families.
    John Raese: Break education monopoly; competition will improve schools.
    Mike McGavick: Private initiatives are best education investment.
    Ned Lamont: Vouchers are not the answer; more support is.
    Thomas Kean Jr.: Measure the progress of every child’s education.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Expand Upward Bound & Head Start.
    Ned Lamont: Increase funding for a 21st century education system.
    Bob Casey: Fight for more funding for public education.
    Carl Sheeler: Tax credit for educational expenses.
    Carl Sheeler: Replace property tax with gambling tax as school revenue.
    David Redick: Make all schools private nonprofits.
    David Redick: Phase-out property taxes as a source of school revenue.
    Francesca Lobato: Use very best teaching methods in our public schools.
    Zane Lawhorn: Return education back into the hands of professionals.
    Zane Lawhorn: Majority wants to see prayer return to our schools.
    Robert Lorge: Supports education tax credits.
    Erik Fleming: Fully fund No Child Left Behind.
    Erik Fleming: Tax credits for private schools ok, but not vouchers.
    Erik Fleming: Not opposed to charter schools.
    Rosalind Kurita: Invest in pre-kindergarten programs.
    Rosalind Kurita: More HOPE lottery scholarships for college.
    Rosalind Kurita: Increase teacher salaries.
    Brad Klippert: Supports school prayer and Pledge of Allegiance.
    Brad Klippert: Tax credit for accredited private schools.
    Ed Cox: Schools are bogged down in bureaucracies.
    Rae Vogeler: Stop disinvesting in education.
    Rae Vogeler: School vouchers and charters transfer money out.
    Stan Jones: Privatize all schools-get government out.
    Stan Jones: The poor advocate for school choice for good reason.
    Dale Groutage: Federal incentives for teachers to stay in Wyoming.
    Dale Groutage: Increase federal funding for Wyoming’s state colleges.
    Harold Ford: Keep words “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.
    Amy Klobuchar: No Child Left Behind is an unfunded mandate.
    Amy Klobuchar: Expand early childhood education opportunities.
    John Featherman: Tax credits for students at non-public schools.
    John Featherman: Intelligent Design has no place in public schools.
    Mike Protack: Educational choice for all students.
    Pete Ashdown: Public education is key to our future economy.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Strengthen Pell Grant programs.
    Hiram Lewis: Supports result-oriented education programs.
    Rick Snuffer: Taxes should go to schools, not bureaucrats.
    Jerry Zandstra: Parental choice improves involvement & hence school quality.
    Jerry Zandstra: Teacher competition improve performance of school systems.
    David Kramer: Every child in America is entitled to the gift of education.
    Claire McCaskill: Education dollars wasted on bureaucracy.
    Ford Bell: Promise of “No Child Left Behind” lacks federal funding.
    Ford Bell: Pay teachers fair wages & shrink class sizes.
    Jon Tester: Public education is the backbone of our democracy.
    Kweisi Mfume: End devastating cuts to public colleges and universities.
    Kweisi Mfume: Committed to strengthening our public schools.
    Kweisi Mfume: Public schools overcrowded, understaffed & under-equipped.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Improve and fund our public school systems.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Vouchers are divisive.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Vouchers bankrupt our public educational system.
Energy & Oil
    Chet Culver: Move agriculture from feeding the world to fueling the world.
    Chris Carney: Sustainable energy plan to reduce fossil fuel dependence.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Raise CAFE; plus alternative energy R&D.
    Mazie Hirono: Ratify Kyoto; raise CAFE and apply to SUVs.
    Paul Hodes: Manhattan Project to address global warming.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Develop renewable energy by tax incentives & research funds.
    Tom Martin: Global Warming is inconclusive.
    Cynthia Thielen: We’re missing the wave on ocean energy replacing oil.
    Jan Ting: Foster new refineries, and new on- and off-shore drilling.
    Kenneth Chase: Supports Cape Wind Project.
    Carl Romanelli: Overhaul development to focus on other energy technologies.
    Howie Hawkins: Solar-Based Renewable Energy.
    Howie Hawkins: More mass transportation, and fuel cell cars.
    Keith Butler: Kyoto Accord puts an undue burden on the US.
    Larry Drown: Don’t drill for oil in our national parks.
    Mike Bouchard: Look for energy efficiency & alternative sources.
    Pete Ashdown: R&D to wean America off addiction to oil.
    Claire McCaskill: Energy independence by 2020 via alternative fuels.
    Jim Pederson: Climate change is real; renewables needed and ready.
    Jim Pederson: Commonsense market-based solutions for climate change.
    Mike McGavick: Drill ANWR but also explore coal, nuclear, & biofuel.
    Mike McGavick: Keep existing dams to maintain clean hydro power.
    Ned Lamont: Overarching plan for clean energy and energy independence.
    Bo Heyward: Tap our own resources and build more refineries.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Promote energy independence & renewables.
    Jon Tester: Long-term tax credits for wind power development.
    Jon Tester: 4-point plan for getting over America’s oil addiction.
    KT McFarland: Dependence on foreign energy makes US vulnerable.
    Bob Casey: Reduce emissions & dependence on foreign oil.
    Bob Casey: Opposes drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.
    Carl Sheeler: Make alternative energy a national priority.
    Zane Lawhorn: Global warming is punishment for not caring for environment.
    Zane Lawhorn: Tax incentives for hybrid cars & alternate energy.
    Erik Fleming: Opposes drilling in Alaska’s ANWR.
    Rosalind Kurita: We can’t drill our way out of our energy problems.
    Brad Klippert: Drill ANWR and build more oil refineries.
    Ed Cox: Supports cheaper energy from domestic sources.
    Rae Vogeler: Support renewable, clean energy.
    Rae Vogeler: No such thing as the safe disposal of nuclear waste.
    Kevin Zeese: Foreign oil is the root cause of many military conflicts.
    Stan Jones: Electricity deregulation fosters innovation.
    Dale Groutage: Shift from foreign energy to local energy.
    Dale Groutage: Energy Blueprint for alternative energy & cars.
    Harold Ford: We need an energy policy that reduces Mideast oil.
    Amy Klobuchar: Invest in homegrown, renewable energy sources.
    Amy Klobuchar: Gas gouging penalty against oil companies.
    Amy Klobuchar: National strategy to address global warming.
    Don Stenberg: Develop domestic energy to lower prices.
    John Featherman: Tax credits & incentives for alternative renewable energy.
    John Featherman: Fund research on nuclear fission.
    John Featherman: Proposes national intra-city transportation system.
    Barbara Radnofsky: National policy of energy independence.
    Rick Snuffer: We have a right to mine and transport coal.
    David Kramer: Emphasize hybrid, fuel cell, and hydrogen technologies.
    Ford Bell: Energy independence-now.
    Ford Bell: Bush’s energy bill supports oil companies, not renewables.
    Ford Bell: Join the Kyoto Treaty and do what’s right.
    Ford Bell: Dependence on foreign oil is a national security threat.
    Ford Bell: Replace oil dependence with clean, renewable sources.
    Jon Tester: Affordable energy first in our resource-rich state.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Make renewable energy a priority.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Supports regulated market of pollution credits.
    Tom Martin: Sell off federal assets, including National parks.
    Claire McCaskill: Enforce the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.
    Jon Tester: Respects tribal sovereignty and supports trust reform.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Protect our public wetlands from development.
    Jean Hay Bright: Label genetically-modified crops, as a first step.
    Mike McGavick: Endangered Species Act is ineffective.
    Dick Mountjoy: Protect private property rights against eminent domain.
    Bob Casey: Fund brownfield and Superfund cleanups.
    Zane Lawhorn: Do everything in our power to protect the environment.
    Brad Klippert: Balance between land use and environmental stewardship.
    Scott Jameson: Prevent pollution by more private ownership.
    Ed Cox: Overregulation is not the answer.
    Rae Vogeler: We must reverse course and protect the environment.
    Michael Cavlan: Root causes: throw-away society & corporate polluters.
    Stan Jones: Most environmental problems can be traced to the government.
    Dale Groutage: Control wolves outside protected areas.
    Amy Klobuchar: Preserve open spaces, farmlands, hunting lands, & wetlands.
    Pete Ashdown: Against reopening the Nevada nuclear test range.
    Kevin Scott: Chair of Wakefield Rails-to-Trails Committee.
    Ford Bell: Our leaders lost their way on safeguarding our environment.
    Jon Tester: Clean air & water are Montana’s treasured resources.
    Jon Tester: Keep open access to public lands.
    Kweisi Mfume: Clean air and clean water are American birthrights.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Incentivize pollution control to spur innovation.
Families & Children
    Corrogan Vaughn: Priority on family and marriage values.
    Tom Martin: Can’t replace family & church with government.
    Howie Hawkins: Raise minimum wage to family-supporting wage.
    Zane Lawhorn: Keep the traditional family unit whenever possible.
    Brad Klippert: Supports traditional family unit with traditional values.
    Stan Jones: Restore the right and responsibilities of parenting.
    Amy Klobuchar: Strengthen Family and Medical Leave Act.
    Don Stenberg: Strong, traditional families are foundation of our culture.
    Mike Protack: Supports “Mom’s Agenda” of addressing parental challenges.
Foreign Policy
    Tom Martin: End foreign aid; exit the UN.
    Carl Romanelli: Demand the administration comply with international law.
    Carl Sheeler: Combine energy policy & improve relations with oil exporters.
    Pete Ashdown: US should become fair player in international arena.
    Bill Bowlin: Maintain Great Britain and Israel as our strongest allies.
    Bill Bowlin: Don’t use religion as a divisive force, as superpower.
    Chuck Pennacchio: Withdraw from PNTR to force reforms in Communist China.
    Claire McCaskill: US should create respect abroad, not just fear.
    Erik Fleming: Fully fund our financial obligation to the UN.
    Brad Klippert: Opposes UN approval of US military actions.
    Scott Jameson: Convert foreign aid from gov’t gifts to volunteer donations.
    Rae Vogeler: End the economic blockade of Cuba.
    Kevin Zeese: US should chide Israel for human rights abuses.
    Michael Cavlan: Work toward a world of greater tolerance and acceptance.
    Michael Cavlan: America engineered coup in Haiti for corporate interests.
    Van Hilleary: Never delegate to the UN or the European Union.
    Bob Corker: Iran and North Korea must renounce nuclear weapons.
    Kevin Scott: Speaks Russian and studies U.S.-Russian relations.
Free Trade
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Protect American jobs from going overseas.
    Mazie Hirono: Protect workers & environment in new trade agreements.
    Tom Martin: Open trade policy without NAFTA or WTO.
    Michael Steele: Led trade mission to Ghana and South Africa.
    Jon Tester: Recent trade agreements put our jobs & farms in jeopardy.
    Carl Romanelli: Supports fair trade; opposes FreeTrade Area of the Americas.
    Carl Sheeler: Charge companies $20,000 per worked for each exported job.
    Keith Butler: Fair trade: no agreements that hurt our economy.
    Richard Tarrant: Globalization is inevitable, and good for Vermont.
    Chuck Pennacchio: Trade is beneficial only if there’s a level playing field.
    Chuck Pennacchio: Replace NAFTA & CAFTA with bilateral fair-trade agreements.
    Claire McCaskill: Supports fair trade which avoids shipping jobs overseas.
    James Webb: Enforce existing trade laws to create fair trade.
    Peter Ricketts: Free trade in our vital interest.
    Thomas Kean Jr.: Our jobs depend on the free flow of international trade.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Fair trade policy and reduced reliance on China.
    Ned Lamont: Strictly enforce fair trade policies.
    Bob Casey: Opposes CAFTA and other unfair trade laws.
    Rosalind Kurita: Opposes CAFTA.
    Brad Klippert: Link between Human Rights and trade with China.
    Katherine Harris: Worked to get Free Trade Area of the Americas office in FL.
    Sherrod Brown: Fight against unfair trade agreements.
    Rae Vogeler: US policy good for business, but bad for people.
    Rae Vogeler: Renegotiate NAFTA, CAFTA and GATT.
    Amy Klobuchar: I will fight for fair trade.
    Amy Klobuchar: Opposes CAFTA.
    Jerry Zandstra: Global trade provides great opportunity for Michigan.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Promote fair trade with incentives to keep jobs at home.
Government Reform
    Chet Culver: Stricter ethical rules, with stricter enforcement.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: No lobbyist gifts.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Lobbyist scandals and bribes threaten faith in democracy.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Both parties have given away power to the Presidency.
    Tom Martin: Limiting ballot access is a monopoly tactic by Dems & GOP.
    Tom Martin: Remove citizens campaign donation limits.
    Christine O`Donnell: Pledges only 2 terms, so decisions not based on keeping seat.
    Bob Casey: Require more public lobbyist financial disclosure.
    Bob Casey: Attack the source of corrupt “pay-to-play” culture.
    Claire McCaskill: Ban lobbyist gifts to root out corruption.
    Carl Romanelli: Reduce restrictions on third-party ballot access.
    Carl Romanelli: Establish a system of public financing of federal elections.
    Howie Hawkins: Abolish the Electoral College; support IRV.
    Leonard Schwartz: Busybody law system unfair and wasteful.
    Carl Sheeler: Reduce federal election spending & lobbying influence.
    Keith Butler: Supports tort reform and medical liability reform.
    Keith Butler: Against Judges who legislate from the bench.
    Kevin Zeese: Supports clean money campaigns and other election reforms.
    Larry Drown: Bring back honesty and openness into government.
    Mike Bouchard: Tort Reform: end frivolous lawsuits.
    Pete Ashdown: Supports public election financing.
    Pete Ashdown: Opposes term limits; but choose Senate leaders by lottery.
    Jean Hay Bright: Impeach Bush & Cheney for violating Constitution.
    Jack Carter: Stop the mauling of our Constitutional balance of powers.
    John Morrison: Major ethics reforms needed to end cronyism.
    Bob Keenan: End pork barrel spending and earmarks.
    John Raese: Supports line-item veto to reduce deficit.
    Mike McGavick: Lawsuits drive up healthcare costs and reduce access.
    Mike McGavick: End budget earmarking for pet projects.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Stricter rules for lobbyists and ethics.
    Bo Heyward: End frivolous lawsuits.
    Bo Heyward: Supports Congressional term limits.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Post all bills on Internet, with honest bill titles.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Supports earmark reform and an office of public integrity.
    KT McFarland: Supports stricter lobbying rules.
    Zane Lawhorn: Reform elections for easier access for more parties.
    Rosalind Kurita: No personal profit or pay raises for Congress.
    Brad Klippert: Supports photo ID for voter registration.
    Katherine Harris: In wake of 2000 election controversy, led impetus for reform.
    Scott Jameson: Make campaign contribution tax-deductible so more can donate.
    Ed Cox: New Yorkers want tort reform.
    Kevin Zeese: Impeach Bush & Cheney for lying about Iraq.
    Kevin Zeese: Doubt about election results weakens democracy.
    Kevin Zeese: Require a paper record for computerized voting.
    Kevin Zeese: Supports IRV, debates, & same day registration.
    Stan Jones: Drastically reduce state government.
    Stan Jones: All elected offices should have term limits.
    Stan Jones: No public finance of political campaigns.
    Stan Jones: No public financing of the arts, but encouragement ok.
    Stan Jones: Privatize all possible government services.
    Don Stenberg: Judges should not impose liberal social policies on families.
    Mike Protack: Judges should interpret the Constitution, not write new laws.
    Mike Protack: Bankruptcy laws should recognize its causes.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Transparency, honesty, and integrity in government.
    Rick Snuffer: Judges should uphold the original Constitution.
    Jerry Zandstra: Tort abuse adds 2% to the cost of everything.
    Matt Brown: America’s promise is broken by problems in Washington.
    Matt Brown: $15M for voter list improvements.
Gun Control
    Charlie Crist: Strongly supports Second Amendment rights.
    Chris Carney: Protect the Second Amendment.
    Paul Hodes: Support Second Amendment rights.
    Tom Martin: Gun restrictions are unconstitutional.
    Jon Tester: Strongly believes in our Second Amendment rights.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Common-sense solutions to fight gun crime.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Fight to keep guns off our streets.
    Leonard Schwartz: Robbers and Rapists love gun control laws.
    Dale Groutage: Avid sportsman who supports second amendment.
    Keith Butler: Has always supported our 2nd amendment rights.
    Keith Butler: Right to bear arms is as important as other freedoms.
    Pete Ashdown: Current laws are reasonable and are working.
    Chuck Pennacchio: Irresponsible gun policy is a plague on our nation.
    Chuck Pennacchio: Supports limits on weapons & sales, and closing loopholes.
    John Raese: Disarming citizens makes them less safe.
    Peter Ricketts: I strongly support the Second Amendment.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Fully support a legally armed citizenry.
    Mike Bouchard: Endorsed by NRA in Sheriff campaign.
    David Redick: Second amendment only applies to state militias.
    David Redick: Leave responsible gun owners alone.
    Zane Lawhorn: The Second Amendment IS the Constitution.
    Zane Lawhorn: The right to carry makes violent crimes drop dramatically.
    Zane Lawhorn: High powered rifles ok; gun lawsuits not ok.
    Zane Lawhorn: Right to protect your home & property by blasting criminals.
    Robert Lorge: 100% pro-Second Amendment rights.
    Brad Klippert: Absolutely supports of the Second Amendment.
    Scott Jameson: God bless a self-defended America.
    John Spencer: Second Amendment is the first right among equals.
    John Spencer: No gun ban, no gun lawsuits.
    Ed Cox: Supports Second Amendment rights.
    Stan Jones: Inalienable right to protect our lives.
    Bob Corker: Protect the Second Amendment’s guarantee.
    Harold Ford: Supports Second Amendment rights.
    John Featherman: Second Amendment has conditions.
    John Featherman: No lawsuit immunity for gun manufacturers.
    Hiram Lewis: Protect our right to bear arms.
    Rick Snuffer: No infringement of the right to keep and bear arms.
    Jerry Zandstra: Defend our Second Amendment rights.
    David Kramer: Defend our right to bear arms.
    Ford Bell: Lifelong hunter & outdoorsman.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Strengthened penalties for armed criminals.
Health Care
    Chet Culver: Affordable, quality health care for every Iowan.
    Chris Carney: Moral obligation to ensure access to quality healthcare.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Medicare for all; allow drug reimportation.
    Linda Lingle: Vigorously pursue medical malpractice reform.
    Mazie Hirono: Single-payer plans are viable starting points.
    Paul Hodes: Universal access to quality healthcare.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Balance affordability with universality.
    Tom Martin: Make the FDA advisory, not regulatory.
    Bruce Guthrie: Consumer-Directed over Insurance-Directed care.
    Carl Romanelli: Only sensible approach is a universal single-payer.
    Howie Hawkins: Supports Universal Medicare.
    Alan Schlesinger: Plan for $30 trillion in future elderly medical expenditure.
    David Redick: Federally mandated health services just raise costs.
    Larry Drown: Healthcare that works for everyone.
    Mike Bouchard: Shifting costs to government exacerbates problem.
    Richard Tarrant: Free-market-based system for the uninsured.
    Jean Hay Bright: National health care system is long overdue.
    Jack Carter: Support individual states enforcing their coverage standards.
    Bob Keenan: Supports small business health plans.
    Bob Keenan: Single payer universal healthcare is socialistic.
    Claire McCaskill: Expand Medicare for people, not for drug companies.
    Claire McCaskill: Negotiate for lower Rx prices and reimportation.
    James Webb: Focus on health access, not on corporate profits.
    Jim Pederson: Feds should negotiate for better Rx prices.
    Joe Carraro: Taxing nursing homes to finance Medicare is a scam.
    John Morrison: Watch out for bogus “union plans” & “association plans”.
    John Raese: Free market is best approach for affordable health care.
    John Raese: Supports Health Savings Accounts.
    Mike McGavick: Harness competition to make system simpler & cheaper.
    Mike McGavick: Health Savings Accounts give stewardship to families.
    Ned Lamont: Business-required, federally-subsidized insurance pool.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Provide all families with insurance.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Scrap Medicare Rx plan, and negotiate for drug prices.
    Thomas Kean Jr.: Supports individual Health Savings Accounts.
    Bo Heyward: Healthcare should be handled by states, not feds.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Federal insurance reform via free markets for fair prices.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Federal negotiations with drug companies for prescriptions.
    Bob Casey: Fill the “doughnut hole” of missing Medicare Rx costs.
    Carl Sheeler: Preventive medicine is real health care.
    Carl Sheeler: We have a shared responsibility to take care of ourselves.
    David Redick: Institute federal catastrophic health insurance.
    David Redick: More consumer choice in health care.
    Francesca Lobato: We must ensure Medicaid is fully funded.
    Robert Lorge: Supports private insurance premium tax credits.
    Erik Fleming: Make Medicaid funding a budgetary priority.
    Erik Fleming: Cooperation from industry could provide universal coverage.
    Erik Fleming: Provide additional funding for abstinence education.
    Rosalind Kurita: Access for all to quality, affordable healthcare.
    Rosalind Kurita: Worked as a nurse doing hands-on healthcare.
    Rosalind Kurita: Re-import safe prescription drugs.
    Jon Tester: Negotiate for lower prescription drug prices.
    Jon Tester: Extend enrollment period for new Medicare.
    Brad Klippert: Strongly opposes socialized health care.
    Ed Cox: Rhetoric of big government doesn’t solve healthcare problems.
    Rae Vogeler: Single-payer provides better health at same cost.
    Rae Vogeler: Health care should not be a privilege.
    Rae Vogeler: Supports universal national single-payer health care.
    Michael Cavlan: Take corporations out of health care.
    Michael Cavlan: Institute single payer health care.
    Stan Jones: Allow euthanasia, under church-state separation.
    Stan Jones: Health care is not an unalienable right.
    Stan Jones: Tobacco settlement is a blight upon Montana’s record.
    Bob Corker: Encourage Health Savings Accounts.
    Dale Groutage: Nationwide healthcare modeled after federal employee program.
    Amy Klobuchar: Crack down on the price of health care.
    Amy Klobuchar: Universal coverage is our goal.
    John Featherman: Combine with free market to cover everyone.
    John Featherman: Cap on lawsuit damages lowers healthcare cost.
    John Featherman: Supports right to die with dignity.
    Mike Protack: Implement a state-run National Health Care system.
    Pete Ashdown: Replace Medicare by one health plan for all.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Fund preventive care.
    Jerry Zandstra: Increase competition among health care providers.
    Claire McCaskill: Uncovering Medicaid waste reduces cost of medicine.
    Ford Bell: We can’t afford not to insure every American.
    Ford Bell: Supports single-payer universal health care.
    Ford Bell: Cost of private health bureaucracy higher than Medicare.
    Jon Tester: People can’t afford to get sick.
    Kweisi Mfume: Malpractice insurance & bureaucracy focus on cost,not health.
    Kweisi Mfume: Make health care affordable and accessible to everyone.
    Matt Brown: Launched RIMeds to let seniors reimport drugs from Canada.
    Matt Brown: Lower health costs by watch-dogging big insurance companies.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Focus on quality to address healthcare crisis.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Fully fund Medicaid and restore cuts.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Medicaid must be properly funded.
Homeland Security
    Dean Heller: Support our troops and win the war on terrorism.
    Mazie Hirono: Pre-emptive strike should not be basis of foreign policy.
    Paul Hodes: Reform the Patriot Act to protect individual freedoms.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Strong national defense based on domestic manufacturing base.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Administration’s power grab threatens 4th amendment rights.
    Tom Martin: There is nothing Patriotic about the Patriot Act.
    Tom Martin: Build missile defense & focus on defense.
    Tom Martin: Assassinate evil leaders instead of targeting the people.
    Tom Martin: Keep out of wars, rather than police the world.
    Tom Martin: War on Terror is Orwellian propaganda.
    Bruce Guthrie: Reduce Troops Permanently Stationed Abroad.
    Bruce Guthrie: End Domestic Spying and Reform the PATRIOT Act.
    Mike Bouchard: Proposes “Skycops”, incentives for off-duty officers to fly.
    Jan Ting: Supports surveillance of communications coming into US.
    Howie Hawkins: End secret detentions and arrests without charge.
    Daniel Vovak: I do not support the Patriot Act, or any form of it.
    Howie Hawkins: Repeal the Patriot Act.
    Dale Groutage: Build a fail proof defense net.
    Dale Groutage: Increase funding for veterans’ social services.
    Keith Butler: No country has ever been attacked for being too strong.
    Keith Butler: Renew the Patriot Act and expand FBI & CIA.
    Larry Drown: Maintain strong Armed Forces.
    Mike Bouchard: Ensure unconditional victory in the War on Terror.
    Richard Tarrant: We must remain ever vigilant to end terrorism.
    Dick Mountjoy: Give government necessary tools to fight terrorism.
    Bob Keenan: Government’s greatest responsibility is to defend this land.
    Bob Keenan: Better veteran’s benefits and veteran’s healthcare.
    Chuck Pennacchio: Bush-Santorum have failed to fulfill promises to veterans.
    Claire McCaskill: Republicans have not made us safer since 9/11.
    Jim Pederson: Refocus on winning the War on Terror.
    John Raese: We were weak on 9/11 & we must never allow that again.
    Ned Lamont: Don’t compromise Constitution for war on terror.
    Peter Ricketts: Fully support strong national defense.
    Thomas Kean Jr.: Grants for port security and counterterrorism.
    Bo Heyward: Give military EVERYTHING it needs.
    Barbara Radnofsky: More funding and services for veterans.
    Barbara Radnofsky: More domestic preparedness via first responders & states.
    Dick Mountjoy: Give government the tools to fight terrorism.
    Mike Bouchard: Served on the frontlines of homeland security.
    KT McFarland: Biggest threat is Third World nuclear proliferation.
    KT McFarland: Fund security in targeted cities, not for political reasons.
    Bob Casey: Urgent focus on infrastructure protection.
    Bob Casey: Ensure that veterans’ health care receives proper funding.
    Bob Casey: More G.I. benefits for college, retirement, and disability.
    David Redick: Terrorists don’t hate our way of life--it’s about occupation.
    David Redick: Stop meddling with foreign nations to stop creating enemies.
    David Redick: Withdraw from 100 military bases abroad.
    Zane Lawhorn: Supports military draft, if needed, but not needed now.
    Erik Fleming: No more domestic base closings; close bases abroad instead.
    Rosalind Kurita: Equip our troops for an aggressive war on terror.
    Brad Klippert: Supports Missile Defense Program.
    Brad Klippert: Supports increased funding for a strong and ready military.
    Scott Jameson: Withdraw all troops and close all military bases abroad.
    Ed Cox: Strong national defense and a decisive foreign policy.
    Rae Vogeler: Redirect the military budget to social programs.
    Rae Vogeler: Fully fund veterans’ benefits.
    Michael Cavlan: Dealing with terrorism militarily is counter-productive.
    Greg Parke: Our military needs fiscal support.
    Greg Parke: Win war on terror while protecting civil liberties.
    Bob Corker: We can never adequately repay our military troops.
    Bob Corker: Do more for our nation’s intelligence gathering capability.
    Dale Groutage: Fail proof defense net and better alliances abroad.
    Harold Ford: Bush’s illegal wiretaps are unnecessary & wrong.
    Amy Klobuchar: Our troops need the best equipment and intelligence.
    Amy Klobuchar: More screening at ports and nuclear plants.
    Don Stenberg: Defeat terrorists at home & abroad.
    Pete Ashdown: Reduce nuclear warheads to a number needed for protection.
    Hiram Lewis: Supports strong homeland security and defense.
    Rick Snuffer: Supports strong national defense & going after terrorists.
    Jerry Zandstra: I will vote for a strong military.
    David Kramer: Support our troops and veterans.
    Kevin Scott: Immediately deport all illegal immigrants.
    Ford Bell: Don’t exclude foreigners from US colleges for security.
    Ford Bell: Focus on infrastructure protection, not just intelligence.
    Kweisi Mfume: We are not doing enough to protect our infrastructure.
    Kweisi Mfume: Don’t surrender our essential liberties for anti-terrorism.
    Jim Pederson: Give our border patrols & police the tools they need.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Fully fund the Veterans Administration.
    Chris Carney: Secure our borders; no amnesty.
    Dean Heller: Opposes amnesty; defend America’s borders.
    Paul Hodes: Beef up the border & work with Mexico on jobs & fairness.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Secure the border and enforce same-pay laws for immigrants.
    Tom Martin: No red carpet; immigrants must earn their keep.
    Jan Ting: No amnesty for illegal aliens.
    Jan Ting: Secure our southern border with a physical barrier.
    Claire McCaskill: Building a border fence is a first step.
    Claire McCaskill: No amnesty for illegal immigrants; no guest workers.
    Rae Vogeler: No human being is illegal: extend rights to immigrants.
    Steve Osborn: No amnesty for illegal immigrants.
    Steve Osborn: Great influxes weaken sovereignty and yields Globalization.
    Steve Osborn: Temporary Worker Program OK as long as borders are secure.
    Alan Schlesinger: Seasonal Employee Visa without road to citizenship.
    Kenneth Chase: Rewarding illegal aliens with citizenship is wrong.
    Keith Butler: Drastic buildup in our Border Patrol system.
    Keith Butler: Completely opposed to any amnesty for illegal immigrants.
    Richard Tarrant: Earned citizenship after fines, taxes, tests, and work.
    Allen McCulloch: Secure our borders to stop illegal immigration.
    Bob Keenan: Enforce laws, or change laws so they can be enforced.
    Bob Keenan: Create opportunities in Mexico to reduce need to immigrate.
    Joe Carraro: Stop treating immigrants like criminals.
    Mike McGavick: Stop inflow of illegal immigrants-whatever it.
    Mike McGavick: Guest worker program for industry and students.
    Peter Ricketts: Secure America’s borders, without amnesty.
    Bo Heyward: Illegal immigration is harmful to the welfare of US citizens.
    Bo Heyward: End illegal immigrants leeching off Americans.
    Barbara Radnofsky: More border patrols, but not by vigilantes.
    Dick Mountjoy: We must control our borders; and no amnesty.
    Carl Sheeler: Discriminating against immigrants is false justification.
    David Redick: End birthright citizenship for children of illegal aliens.
    David Redick: Adopt English as an official language.
    David Redick: Multiculturalism causes cultural disintegration.
    Zane Lawhorn: Require immigrants to speak English & learn our customs.
    Zane Lawhorn: Tax immigrants upon entering the US.
    Zane Lawhorn: Require all immigrants to carry National ID Card.
    Zane Lawhorn: Supports English as official language, opposes bilingualism.
    Erik Fleming: Opposes English-only legislation.
    Erik Fleming: Let immigrant kids in schools; let parents earn legal status.
    Brian Macdonald: Deport illegal immigrants and stop illegal immigration.
    Brad Klippert: No citizenship to children born in the US to illegal aliens.
    John Spencer: Increase enforcement personnel at the border.
    John Spencer: Crack down on illegal immigrants and their supporters.
    Van Hilleary: We MUST STOP the massive illegal immigration.
    David Pfeffer: Amnesty only encourages more uninvited immigration.
    David Pfeffer: Take a lesson from Minutemen about securing border.
    Greg Parke: Allow guest workers while discouraging illegal behavior.
    Bob Corker: Control our borders and patrol our points of entry.
    Don Stenberg: Strengthen our borders.
    Mike Protack: To survive, nations must protect and defend borders.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Encourage legal trade with Mexico as part of border strategy.
    Jerry Zandstra: I will vote to defend our national borders.
    David Kramer: Secure our borders so illegal immigration isn’t commonplace.
    Kevin Scott: First and foremost, we need to secure our borders.
    Kevin Scott: Illegal immigrants pose threat to rule of law itself.
    Kevin Scott: Amnesty programs reward illegal behavior.
    Kevin Scott: Volunteer work earns right to remain in country.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Encourage farmers to produce ethanol, biodiesel & wind power.
    Tom Martin: Minimum wage is Government coercion.
    Jon Tester: Raise minimum wage to fair livable wage.
    Carl Romanelli: Living wage for all Americans.
    Howie Hawkins: Full Employment at Living Wages.
    Howie Hawkins: Supports Fair Labor Laws.
    Larry Drown: Jobs in America based on alternative energy industry.
    Mike Bouchard: Support manufacturing sector as heart of economy.
    Richard Tarrant: Raise the federal minimum wage, and tie in COLA increases.
    Chuck Pennacchio: Supports “living wage” increase in minimum wage.
    Claire McCaskill: Raise the minimum wage.
    Ned Lamont: Our high-skill jobs are being sent overseas.
    Francesca Lobato: Increase minimum wage by more than $1 in 3 years.
    Zane Lawhorn: China is developing at the expense of our jobs.
    Brad Klippert: Support family bread-winners.
    Stan Jones: Get rid of minimum wage laws.
    Stan Jones: Only businesses create jobs, not government.
    Dale Groutage: Graze livestock on federally owned lands.
    Amy Klobuchar: Level playing field and fair prices for farmers.
    Don Stenberg: Assist our family farmers to compete globally.
    Mike Protack: All should compete for decent jobs.
    Hiram Lewis: Support initiatives for small business.
    David Kramer: Preserve the family farm via Ag research.
    Sherrod Brown: Our trade policy hemorrhages manufacturing jobs.
    John Morrison: Opposes $3B cut to commodity & food program for farmers.
Principles & Values
    Corrogan Vaughn: Experienced as faith-based leader.
    Corrogan Vaughn: Co-hosted two political radio shows in Maryland.
    Tom Martin: Fiscally conservative and socially liberal.
    Tom Martin: Basic principle: Government needs to be smaller.
    Christine O`Donnell: Bases campaign on “Deal with Delaware”.
    Steve Osborn: Voting for third party candidates wakes up the two parties.
    Alan Schlesinger: Served as mayor of Derby and 6-term State Rep.
    David Redick: No religion on coins, in schools, or Pledge of Allegiance.
    Larry Drown: America needs a change in culture as well as politics.
    Jack Carter: There are certain values that are intuitive to all Americans.
    Dick Mountjoy: God and prayer belong in our private AND public places.
    James Webb: America doesn’t lack ideas, it lacks leaders.
    James Webb: Progressive approach prioritizing fairness and justice.
    Dick Mountjoy: Believes in God, Country and Family in that order.
    Ned Lamont: Running to stand up for our progressive democratic values.
    Ned Lamont: Progressive government can make a difference.
    Jean Hay Bright: Snowe talks moderate, but votes right-wing Republican.
    David Redick: No adorning government property with religious icons.
    Zane Lawhorn: A mud turtle to Sen. Byrd’s junkyard dog.
    Zane Lawhorn: Faith gives me the strength to keep going.
    Zane Lawhorn: I support One Nation under God.
    Brian Macdonald: Kennedy should have voted to convict Clinton of perjury.
    Brian Macdonald: Restrictions on religion only apply to establishing churches.
    Rosalind Kurita: Not persuadable once she decides something is right or wrong.
    Brad Klippert: Supports a platform of strong family values.
    Mark Kennedy: 4th-generation Minnesotan, 4th-generation in public service.
    Mark Kennedy: Great things can happen if we trust the people.
    Mark Kennedy: Married with four children; serves as church lector.
    Ed Case: Our future is now!
    Katherine Harris: Passed over one hundred bills in State Senate.
    Rae Vogeler: We must confront our problems; not just more of the same.
    Kevin Zeese: Focusing on peace, justice, democracy and prosperity.
    Kevin Zeese: Member of Green, Populist, and Libertarian parties.
    Michael Cavlan: America is proceeding in a dangerous direction.
    Michael Cavlan: Change the debate and change society itself.
    Stan Jones: I am not a politician, I’m a leader.
    Stan Jones: Dedicated to government of principle, not special interests.
    David Pfeffer: Seniority brings home the bacon for New Mexico.
    David Pfeffer: How did Christian become a dirty word?
    Keith Butler: Elected as Republican City Councilor in Democratic Detroit.
    Keith Butler: Wrote 1992 Republican national platform.
    Keith Butler: Columnist for Detroit News and regular TV commentator.
    Keith Butler: Founding pastor of Word of Faith International Church.
    Keith Butler: Holds theological degree; married 29 years; 3 grown kids.
    Mike McGavick: Committed to freedom, limited gov’t, & strength of families.
    Bob Corker: Keep “one nation under God” in US Senate.
    John Featherman: Santorum’s book is way out of step with mainstream.
    John Featherman: Santorum’s book is way out of step with mainstream.
    Harris Miller: This campaign is about the future.
    Harris Miller: Only bipartisan approaches find meaningful solutions.
    Harris Miller: Personal story about hard work, responsible choices & future.
    Harris Miller: Married for 25 years with 2 grown children.
    Kevin Scott: Massachusetts is moderate; only our politicians are liberals.
    Kevin Scott: Why print ballots with only one candidate?
    Kevin Scott: Roots in Wakefield business and as Wakefield Selectman.
    Kevin Scott: Volunteers for Concord Coalition and community organizations.
    Kevin Scott: Currently earning B.A. in politics from U.Mass.
    Claire McCaskill: Lifelong Missouri resident from Missouri family.
    Matt Brown: Beat political insiders & took on establishment corruption.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Brings 20 years of public experience to change Washington.
    Sherrod Brown: This state and this country need a new direction.
Social Security
    Chris Carney: Let workers invest for retirement in addition to Soc. Sec.
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Against privatization.
    Robert Fitzgerald: Don’t make young people carry burden of solvency.
    Tom Martin: Social Security is a pyramid scheme; privatize it.
    Bruce Guthrie: Diversify Social Security investments.
    Michael Steele: Flexibility for some ownership over retirement choices.
    Carl Romanelli: Must protect taxpayer funded programs like Social Security.
    Alan Schlesinger: Guarantee no diversion of trust fund to other expenditures.
    David Redick: Trust fund is deceptive--we’re really on pay-as-you-go now.
    Bob Keenan: Partial privatization for young workers.
    Jim Pederson: Strongly opposes privatization of Social Security.
    Jim Pederson: Private retirement savings in addition to guarantee.
    Mike McGavick: Allow voluntary opt-out of Social Security.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Pro-privatization crowd wants to cut benefits.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Lift limit on withholding from $90,000 to $120,000.
    Thomas Kean Jr.: Expand options for personal retirement planning.
    Bo Heyward: Social Security should be done away with.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Oppose efforts to privatize Social Security.
    Bob Casey: Opposes Social Security privatization.
    David Redick: Allow opting out of Social Security system partly or fully.
    Francesca Lobato: Middle class & poor subsidize Social Security for wealthy.
    Francesca Lobato: Privatization is irresponsible; stock market too volatile.
    Zane Lawhorn: Make program stable, even at high cost to young workers.
    Erik Fleming: Opposes privatizing Social Security.
    Erik Fleming: Raise retirement age to 67 for full benefits.
    Rosalind Kurita: Opposes radically changing with private accounts.
    Brad Klippert: Protect the Social Security Program.
    Scott Jameson: Compete with financial markets for retirement accounts.
    Ed Cox: Supports private accounts and the ownership society.
    Kevin Zeese: Bush is misleading America on privatization.
    Kevin Zeese: Raise the ceiling and tax all income for Soc. Sec.
    Stan Jones: No special compassion nor health programs for Seniors.
    Greg Parke: System is broken and we have to fix it by providing choice.
    Dale Groutage: Bush’s plan is based on risky stock investments.
    Amy Klobuchar: Privatization is a risky scheme.
    Amy Klobuchar: Make Social Security more secure for the long term.
    Amy Klobuchar: Incentives for private retirement options.
    John Featherman: Supports means testing by income & assets.
    Mike Protack: Existing program is “poverty plus 10%”.
    Pete Ashdown: Increase premium caps and end payouts for wealthy.
    Pete Ashdown: Investing Soc.Sec. funds ok in 20s, but need stability later.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Ensure that our safety net remains safe.
    Rick Snuffer: Protect Social Security.
    David Kramer: Social Security shouldn’t be people’s sole retirement plan.
    Ford Bell: Solve the projected shortfall with safe & gradual changes.
    John Morrison: Ironclad support for Social Security.
    Jon Tester: Opposes privatization.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Save Social Security from privatization.
Tax Reform
    Chris Carney: Roll back tax cuts on to p1%; but decrease estate tax.
    Dean Heller: Oppose any attempt to raise taxes.
    Mazie Hirono: Eliminate tax breaks for the richest 2%.
    Tom Martin: Abolish income tax & replace it with nothing.
    Mike Bouchard: Prioritize our spending and hold ourselves accountable.
    Mike Bouchard: Growth in government stunts economic growth.
    Christine O`Donnell: Pledges to never increase taxes.
    Jan Ting: Supports a simpler, fairer tax code.
    Howie Hawkins: Shift to progressively-graduated income and wealth taxes.
    Alan Schlesinger: Supports Tax Simplification.
    Carl Sheeler: Restore millionaire tax cuts & pursue loopholes.
    Keith Butler: Single flat tax rate, and simplify the tax code.
    Keith Butler: Lower corporate taxes & make tax code pro-growth.
    Pete Ashdown: Supports flat tax starting at $20,000 in income.
    Ned Lamont: Estate tax essential to progressive taxation system.
    Allen McCulloch: End the marriage penalty; extend the child tax credit.
    Jack Carter: Oppose the elimination of the sales tax deduction by the GOP.
    Harris Miller: Record surplus spent on tax giveaways.
    James Webb: Our tax policy is creating a permanent underclass.
    John Raese: Supports tax cuts to spur economic growth and job growth.
    John Raese: Supports flat tax or national sales tax.
    Mike McGavick: Tax increases are counterproductive.
    Thomas Kean Jr.: Make permanent the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts.
    Bo Heyward: Supports flat tax with no penalty for high income.
    Dick Mountjoy: Don’t raise taxes to pay for the overspending.
    Mike Bouchard: Tax burden & government spending are too high.
    Mike Bouchard: Reduced Real Estate Transfer Tax by $358M.
    KT McFarland: Supports smart, fair and targeted tax cuts.
    KT McFarland: Eliminate the dreaded death tax.
    Francesca Lobato: Inheritance tax above $2 million shouldn’t be repealed.
    Francesca Lobato: End irresponsible repeal of federal tax laws.
    Zane Lawhorn: Reduce sales taxes, gas taxes, and business taxes.
    Robert Lorge: We are taxed too much by Washington.
    Jon Tester: Bush’s tax cuts are irresponsible.
    Rosalind Kurita: Against income tax & sales tax increases.
    Brad Klippert: Tax incentives to encourage business growth.
    Scott Jameson: Inheritance taxes discourage the American Dream.
    Ed Cox: Make the President’s tax cuts permanent.
    Rae Vogeler: Supports progressive and fair taxation.
    Kevin Zeese: Tax income from wealth as heavily as income from labor.
    Stan Jones: Will veto laws that increase taxes.
    Stan Jones: Eliminate the state income tax.
    Greg Parke: Let people take care of their own hard earned money.
    Bob Corker: Make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent.
    Dale Groutage: Roll back tax cuts for people earning over $200,000.
    John Featherman: Supports flat tax statewide and federally.
    Mike Protack: Single, low rate for taxes.
    Jerry Zandstra: Make Bush’s tax cuts permanent.
    Jerry Zandstra: Supports “Fair Tax”: flatter, simpler, more transparent.
    David Kramer: Make President Bush’s tax cuts permanent.
    Kevin Scott: Supports flat tax and cutting top rate from 39% to 17%.
    Kevin Scott: Simplifying taxes would save $194B annually.
    Ford Bell: Focus on minimum wage, not wealthy estate tax.
    Jean Hay Bright: Repealing estate tax shifts burden to working class.
    Tom Martin: Keep government out of the Internet.
    Cynthia Thielen: Strongly supports Net Neutrality.
    Steve Osborn: Favors Net Neutrality & no higher Internet priority for pay.
    James Webb: Crumbling infrastructure results from failed leadership.
    Ned Lamont: Focus on interconnecting transportation strategy.
    Brian Macdonald: Colonize the moon to deal with limits of earth.
    Rae Vogeler: Government now listens into phones and email.
    Amy Klobuchar: Maintain traditional and high-tech infrastructure.
    Amy Klobuchar: Supports the V-Chip & Internet filters.
    Harris Miller: 1st leader of Information Technology Association of America.
    John Morrison: Supports Railroad Competition Act & ending BNSF monopoly.
War & Peace
    Kirsten Gillibrand: Iraq: exit strategy & redeploy troops.
    Mazie Hirono: Opposes Iraq war & would have opposed war vote in Congress.
    Mazie Hirono: Unilateral actionin Iraq hurt our world reputation.
    Paul Hodes: Withdraw our National Guard from Iraq immediately.
    Robert Fitzgerald: It’s time to get out of Iraq now.
    Tom Martin: The war in Iraq was a massive mistake.
    Bruce Guthrie: End the Occupation of Iraq.
    Cynthia Thielen: Cannot support war in Iraq unless we make changes.
    Cynthia Thielen: Orderly withdrawal from Iraq; focus on winning War on Terror.
    Jan Ting: Unilateral withdrawal would have disastrous consequences.
    Amy Klobuchar: Fight for accountability for the run-up to the Iraq war.
    Amy Klobuchar: Supported invading Afghanistan, but not Iraq.
    Carl Romanelli: Bush’s intention all along was an Iraqi invasion.
    Howie Hawkins: End the War in Iraq.
    Chris Lugo: Time to end this immoral, unethical, and illegal war.
    David Redick: End empire building and improper war in Iraq.
    Carl Sheeler: Replace US occupation in Iraq with coalition forces.
    Dale Groutage: Develop alliances to help control terrorism & costs in Iraq.
    Kevin Zeese: Rapid, responsible withdrawal from Iraq.
    Kevin Zeese: Iraq War is costing us billions of dollars weekly.
    Kevin Zeese: Impeachment inquiry about misleading country into Iraq War.
    Pete Ashdown: Let Iraqis vote on how long they want the US to stay.
    Allen McCulloch: Take the fight to the terrorists.
    Dick Mountjoy: No UN diplomacy with Iran--plausibly threaten force.
    Bob Keenan: We can’t abandon Iraq.
    Claire McCaskill: Define a plan for success in Iraq with a clear exit strategy.
    James Webb: America is fighting the wrong war in Iraq.
    Jim Pederson: Finish the job in Iraq and come home.
    John Raese: Don’t cut-and-run in Iraq.
    Mike McGavick: No timetable and no retreat in Iraq.
    Ned Lamont: Hold Bush & Lieberman accountable for mess in Iraq.
    Ned Lamont: “Stay the course” is not a winning strategy in Iraq.
    Peter Ricketts: Better to fight terrorists in Iraq.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Iraq war was premature and a mistake.
    Sheldon Whitehouse: Responsibly extricate ourselves from Iraq.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Expose the failures of the current war on terror.
    Barbara Radnofsky: Planned, professional exit from Iraq.
    Ned Lamont: Iraq war has diverted our funds and our attention.
    KT McFarland: Consider military to prevent Iranian nuclear bomb.
    Bob Casey: Bring our troops home as soon as possible.
    David Redick: Purpose of Balkans war: evict China from Eastern Europe.
    David Redick: Bush planned to invade Iraq well before 9-11.
    David Redick: Immediate phased withdrawal from Iraq.
    Zane Lawhorn: Concerned about North Korea’s nuclear weapons.
    Zane Lawhorn: Committed to the protection and support of Israel.
    Zane Lawhorn: In Iraq: support our troops and finish the job.
    Zane Lawhorn: We are fighting a war on two fronts, like in Vietnam.
    Erik Fleming: Make Iraq our last pre-emptive unilateral occupation.
    Brian Macdonald: UN should carry a big stick, but US needs one until then.
    Brian Macdonald: Supports pre-emptive policy of the Bush Doctrine.
    Brad Klippert: Supports America’s war on terrorism.
    Benjamin Cardin: Consistent opposition to President Bush’s policies in Iraq.
    Benjamin Cardin: Bush misled the American people about Iraq.
    Rae Vogeler: Bring our troops home now.
    Kevin Zeese: End the Iraq War and occupation.
    Michael Cavlan: War in Iraq is brutal, immoral, racist, and corporate.
    Van Hilleary: Give troops the equipment they need.
    David Pfeffer: Changed parties after 9/11 to support fight for freedom.
    David Pfeffer: OK to attack Iraq even if president lied thru his teeth.
    David Pfeffer: Iraq has everything to do with September Eleventh.
    David Pfeffer: Removing Middle East dictators sets people free.
    Bob Corker: We must complete our mission in Iraq.
    Harold Ford: Bush failed to define serious long-term nature of Iraq.
    Amy Klobuchar: Fight for a clear plan to bring our troops home safely.
    Amy Klobuchar: Fight for accountability for the run-up to the Iraq war.
    John Featherman: Withdraw from Iraq within 2-3 years.
    Mike Protack: Immediate withdrawal from Iraq is an unworkable strategy.
    Pete Ashdown: Prisoner abuse and torture deeply shame our nation.
    Ford Bell: Supports Iraq withdrawal.
    Ford Bell: War in Iraq was knowingly sold on false premises.
    Ford Bell: Iraq has become a recruiting ground for terrorists.
    Ford Bell: Iraq is like the Soviet Union’s Afghanistan.
    Ford Bell: Iraq war is Bush’s personal vendetta against Saddam.
    Ford Bell: Victory is not just around the corner-withdraw now.
    Jon Tester: Support our troops with a plan to bring them home.
    Kweisi Mfume: War in Iraq has made us more vulnerable to terrorism.
    Kweisi Mfume: Attends Iraq War protests-“We can do better”.
    Kweisi Mfume: Exit strategy & time frame for withdrawal from Iraq.
    Jim Pederson: Focus on hunting down Bin Laden and destroying al Qaeda.
    Jim Pederson: Our situation in Iraq is a mess.
    Sherrod Brown: Safe, orderly troop withdrawal from Iraq by Oct. 2006.
    Sherrod Brown: Bush and Cheney lied about Iraq.
    Jon Tester: It’s time for a clear exit strategy from Iraq.
Welfare & Poverty
    Tom Martin: Religious charities should handle welfare.
    Howie Hawkins: Repeal Taft- Hartley.
    Brad Klippert: Let churches reach out to those in need.
    Stan Jones: Liberty-not government handouts-give poor chance to be rich.
    Stan Jones: Private welfare programs deliver more resources to poor.
    John Featherman: Opposes taxpayer funded faith-based initiatives.
    Ford Bell: Don’t trade Medicare benefits for food stamps.
    Kweisi Mfume: Make poverty part of our nation’s public policy agenda.
    Kweisi Mfume: 37 million still in poverty-“We can do better”.
    Matt Brown: Founded City Year Rhode Island for urban youth.

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