Peter Camejo on Immigration

Reform Party nominee for Vice President; previously Candidate for CA Governor

End apartheid system of defining some immigrants as illegal

Illegal immigrants are the lowest paid workers in California who work the hardest, who pay taxes and receive almost no benefits. They're essential to our economy. We loosely use the word, illegal, and I think it totally inappropriate. No one's going to arrest them. If somebody is illegal, you arrest them. But no one is going to arrest them because they're essential for California. Everybody knows they're here to stay. They're part of our family. We have to end this apartheid system we have towards them
Source: Recall Debate, Cal. State Univ. at Sacramento Sep 24, 2003

Give drivers license to Anglo immigrants AND to Latinos

Q: Do you support the proposal allowing illegal immigrants to obtain drivers licenses?

CAMEJO: The Europeans came over here illegally, they are 45% of our population. I say we let them stay and give them a drivers license. The people who have been here 20,000 years on this continent, desperately needed, no one is for them leaving, how can we not give them a drivers license.

Source: Recall debate in Walnut Creek Sep 3, 2003

Immigrants are necessary to keeping the economy strong

Q: What about undocumented immigrants?

A: I absolutely believe undocumented immigrants in California have a place here. A recent Wall Street Journal article shows how necessary immigrants are to keeping the economy strong. We need more immigrants, in fact. If immigrants are already here, then we can't treat them as if we're living in a caste system. We need to end the mistreatment of undocumented residents, legalize undocumented workers, and provide a legal driver's license for all immigrants.

Source: Eastern Groups Publications, CA Gov. Q&A, with Raul Vasquez Nov 2, 2002

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