Peter Camejo on Civil Rights

Reform Party nominee for Vice President; previously Candidate for CA Governor

PATRIOT Act violates 4th Amendment; voting for it is illegal

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits searches without probable cause and a judge's order. Voting for a law that abrogates this amendment, as the USA PATRIOT Act does directly, is an illegal act. The Democrats and Republicans who voted for this law were fully aware of what they were doing. The Green Party differs; it defends the Fourth Amendment and seeks to defend the Constitution and respect for the law.
Source: The Avocado Declaration, by Peter Miguel Camejo Jan 1, 2004

Illegal immigrants are here so give them a driver's license

The illegal immigrants are here so give them a driver's license, give them a right, I'm not going to object to that. These are the children of the indigenous people of this continent. If your economic situation was the same as there, you'd do exactly the same thing. People are moving through borders to try to feed their families. Let's look at this as a human problem we face, not a thing of criminality. We need to help them because right now they're contributing to our tax base.
Source: Recall Debate, Cal. State Univ. at Sacramento Sep 24, 2003

Prop 54 promotes ignorance

Prop 54 promotes ignorance. It says we will not know. If you made a poll right now and asked people what your income level is between right and left handed, we all know it would be about the same. Or education level. But it isn't on race. If you ask the Latinos, do they have the same education? They have less. They have less income. And they pay a higher tax rate. Do you know that? Latinos in California pay a higher tax rate than the European Americans. But Prop 54 doesn't allow us to know that. We're not allowed to ask the question. So how can we correct problems that exist in our society, which are complex. If you're for equality you have to be willing to have the information so we can take the necessary action to change this. And Prop 54 is a very dangerous bill because what it does is leads the people to begin to think that these problems are behind us. They're far from behind us. We still have enormous problems to solve in our society.
Source: Recall Debate, Cal. State Univ. at Sacramento Sep 24, 2003

Prop 54 worships ignorance: collect racial profiling data

Q: Do you support Proposition 54, which prohibits local governments from collecting race related data?

CAMEJO: I'm absolutely totally opposed to it. It is a worship of ignorance. Instead of wanting to know what is really happening in the state, we had a motion in the assembly to investigate whether we are having racial profiling. The governor vetoed it. That is the spirit of the bill.

Source: Recall debate in Walnut Creek Sep 3, 2003

Full and equal rights, including same-sex marriage

Q: Do you support the bill to give same-sex couples most of the same legal benefits as married couples?

CAMEJO: Every family has gays and lesbians in it. They're part of our family and part of humanity. They must have exactly equal rights, which includes marriage. Not tomorrow, but today. Let's end this. How many centuries of viciousness do we have to allow this? Full and equal rights, including marriage.

Source: Recall debate in Walnut Creek Sep 3, 2003

Recognize civil unions & allow homosexual marriage

Q: Should California recognize civil unions between same-sex couples?

A: Yes.

Q: Should California restrict marriage to a relationship only between a man and a woman?

A: No.

Source: Vote-Smart.org 2002 National Political Awareness Test Jul 1, 2002

Ban racial profiling; expand definition of hate crime

Source: Vote-Smart.org 2002 National Political Awareness Test Jul 1, 2002

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