Michael Badnarik on Education

Libertarian Party nominee for President

Deregulate the schools so private solutions can work

Our public education system doesn't get a passing grade. One out of three students entering high school doesn't graduate. Minority students are twice as likely as whites to drop out. Even students who get their diploma have the reading and math skills expected of middle school students in other nations.

Establishment politicians say that the solution is more money and higher taxes. Yet, private institutions, which spend half of what public schools do, graduate a larger percentage of their students with higher levels of academic achievement.

Today bureaucrats decide when children will attend school, how long they will attend, who will teach them; and what they will learn. Parents and teachers should make these decisions.

The schooling of the next generation is too important to leave in the hands of politicians and bureaucrats. If you elect me as your president, I will put the education of our youth back into the hands of parents and teachers through deregulation.

Source: League of Women Voters D-Net issue grid statement Aug 15, 2004

Federal government should not be involved with education

Q: Where do you stand on President Bush's No Child Left Behind initiatives?

A: I've read the Constitution many times. No matter how I read it-forward, backward, upside down or with my Captain Liberty Secret Decoder Ring-I can't find anything in it that empowers the federal government to be involved in education. And since the federal government got involved in education, our children have slipped from first to 29th place in terms of literacy, numeracy and other measurements of educational excellence. The No Child Left Behind Act is just another extension of the policies that have destroyed American education. As president, I propose to get the federal government out of education, and I hope that the states will substantially privatize it as well. That's the only way to get back to our position of preeminence in learning."

Source: Interview in the Augusta Free Press Aug 13, 2004

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