Carol Moseley-Braun on Principles & Values

Former IL Senator; Democratic Candidate for President

Withdraws from presidential race; endorses Howard Dean

Former Sen. Carol Moseley Braun (D-Ill.) folded her cash-strapped, long-shot presidential campaign today and threw her support to Howard Dean during a joint appearance in Iowa, days before the state's crucial caucus showdown.

The Dean campaign flew Braun to Iowa for an endorsement that a source said Dean had been working on for some time.

Braun's decision ends her nearly yearlong quest, having achieved to a degree her goal of rehabilitating her image and reviving her career

It's not known yet what role Braun will play in the Dean campaign, or if the former Vermont governor will ask his supporters to help pay her campaign debt.

When asked why she is endorsing Dean, Braun, who had just arrived in Chicago, said it was "his ability to inspire people." She added, "People are energized and inspired by Howard Dean in a way that shows we don't have to put up with the fear-mongering the Bush campaign has perfected," she said.

Source: Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun-Times Jan 15, 2004

Contested primaries help energize Dems for general election

Q: Don't you think that the Democrats would have a better shot at defeating President Bush if we focus attention on just a few candidates?

A: The whole point of primary elections is to allow voters to choose their party's candidates. If the Democratic party wants its primary process to reflect only the status quo, or who has the most money or the most name recognition, it will most likely not be able to attract the support-and the votes-in a "real" general election sufficient to overcome the incumbency and finances the Republican party has. The primary, if an open one such as we have now, can through a contest of ideas energize Democratic voters, attract uncommitted voters, and become better positioned to win the real contest against an incumbent Republican president.

Source: Concord Monitor / WashingtonPost.com on-line Q&A Nov 6, 2003

I win elections by building bridges & breaking down barriers

Q: What makes you believe you are a viable candidate given that you were unable to hold your Senate seat?

A: I have in my entire career won elections by building bridges, bringing people together, and breaking down barriers. There has never been a woman President, nor a black one, but my life experiences and credentials make me uniquely qualified to lead this country. The responses I have received to my platform for Peace, Prosperity and Progress have encouraged this effort, and young women, particularly, are encouraged about their prospects for leadership by this campaign. I did lose reelection to the Senate, after being smeared by Karl Rove, outspent 3 to 1, and even then by less than 2% of the vote. I have, on the other hand, won 14 elections. The pundits have never given me a chance, but the people always did, and they have made history time and again as a result. We are poised to do it again.

Source: Concord Monitor / WashingtonPost.com on-line Q&A Nov 6, 2003

Favorite song: "You Gotta Be."

Source: Congressional Black Caucus Institute debate Sep 9, 2003

Take the "men only" sign off the White House door

In my time in public life, I have been a doer, not so much a talker but a doer, delivering for people in the fight for social and economic justice. I have a record. I have been tested. I have stood up in the Senate and fought for many of the values that my colleagues have discussed here today.

I am determined to try to rebuild and renew this country in ways that will build community and level the playing field in ways that will keep the American dream of opportunity and hope alive for the next generation. To me, that means making certain that the fight to preserve our civil liberties is waged, making certain the fight against discrimination is waged, making certain that women have opportunity in this country.

I am determined to take the "men only" sign off the White House door and, with the support of the people of this country, I believe it can happen in 2004.

Source: Congressional Black Caucus Institute debate Sep 9, 2003

Demand the truth and stop the deceits

Q: Will you demand the truth and an end to this conspiracy of deceit of Bush?

A: I have, and I will.

Source: MoveOn.org interview Jun 17, 2003

Fight the greedy and help the needy

Twenty years ago when I first ran for the state legislature in Illinois, my father got a beat-up old truck, and on the side of it he had a big sign that said, "Fight the greedy and help the needy." here I am 20 years later and in this world, with this leadership that only George Orwell could have given us, this crowd is into helping the greedy and fighting the needy. My father had it right. George Bush has got it wrong. They are helping the wrong people and hurting the rest of us.
Source: AFSCME union debate in Iowa May 17, 2003

It's time for serious female presidential candidate

I've always had to run as a woman against the odds. When I was told I couldn't win for the US Senate, I went ahead and did it. I was the only African-American in the US Senate, and one of the two African-Americans when I was assistant US attorney. I've been breaking barriers down all of my life. I have a record of productivity that I think is second to none. It's time for a woman to be considered seriously as a candidate for the highest office in this land.
Source: Democratic Debate in Columbia SC May 3, 2003

GOP bringing US down wrong road; we can turn this around

The challenge for all of us is to work to make certain that Americans come together, that we transform this nation so that we can live up to the promise of our democracy, the promise of our constitution; and so that we can be the country that we want to believe that we are.

We have a sacred responsibility to leave the next generation no less than we inherited from the last. The last generation gave us all opportunity and they gave us liberty and they gave us a hopefulness about this country that I'm afraid is being lost. And as Democrats, we have an opportunity to get it back. We have an opportunity to put our country on the right track.

The administration in place now has taken America down the wrong road; on a road that does not leave us with much promise, and does not leave young people with much optimism. I want to bring hope back. As they used to say, Democrats give the people peace and prosperity; the Republicans get in and give them depression and war. We can turn this around again.

Source: Democratic Debate in Columbia SC May 3, 2003

Fund the 50 States Commemorative Coin Program.

Moseley-Braun sponsored the 50 States Commemorative Coin Program Act

Corresponding House bill is H.R.2414. Became Public Law No: 105-124.
Source: Bill sponsored by 28 Senators and 1 Rep 97-S1228 on Sep 26, 1997

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